Over the past few weeks we have been taking delivery of a large chunk of our 2017 season stock including Ride, K2, Quiksilver, Burton, Roxy, Pow, Dragon, Von Zipper, Oakley and more! Keep an eye on the web store as there are new products being uploaded every day as we receive them! Another thing to keep an eye on is our 2018 board pre-order deal, giving you 10% off your 2018 board when pre-ordering and paying in full!

The shop changeover is underway currently with a bunch of exciting new features to further enhance your experience at MSC and display all of the new and exciting products we have to offer!

I feel it would be wrong not to mention the recent movement on social media regarding Mt Buller's new snow machine also, allowing them to make snow in temperatures up to +15 degrees celsius! Now as we well know, man made snow will never be the same as the real thing, but what this will allow Mt Buller to do is create a base in areas un-reachable by fixed snow machines so that when the natural snow does fall, it will hopefully stick around a bit longer and accumulate without the need for a large base forming dump! The 2017 season will see the revolutionary new system implemented and there is good hope of significant coverage even for opening weekend! Time will only tell however we at MSC are quietly optimistic!

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