Snowboard Waxing Instructions

Waxing your snowboard is incredibly easy once you know what you are doing. With all the necessary equipment it should take 15-20 minutes to wax a board. If you would rather skip the hassle don’t worry, we have a full tuning and repair shop in Melbourne that you can bring your board into and get us do it but some people prefer the hands-on DIY method.


Firstly you will need some supplies. We offer a great wax kit that comes with the bare minimum of what you need to wax your board. This includes a waxing iron, wax and scraper. We always recommend using a snowboard/ski specific waxing iron over a regular one because the snow ones have a completely flat surface that will spread the wax more evenly across the base. The best wax to start with is an all temperature wax that will work no matter what the weather is like. You can buy specific wax for specific temperatures but this requires waxing your board every time the weather changes. You can also get different types of wax that will make you go faster. Generally faster wax is more expensive and doesn’t last as long.


Great Snowboard Waxing Tricks

Its always good to start with a clean base. We sell base cleaner that helps easily remove dirt and old wax so you can start fresh. Once the base is clean, heat up your iron and drip a thin layer of wax across the board. Then use the iron to smooth out the wax until it covers the entire base surface. Be careful, it is easy to use too much wax so don’t go crazy. You can always drip more wax on if you need it. Once the base has been covered let the board cool down (generally wait 10-15 minutes).


Once the board has cooled down grab your plastic scraper (don’t use metal as it can scrape away actual base material) and scrape the wax off. A common mistake is not scraping off enough wax so make sure you take away more than you think. Eventually your base will just look wet and have a richer colour. The final step is to take a softer wax brush and buff out the base so it looks smooth and professional.


There are different techniques to scraping to keep in mind. Generally you want to scrape from the nose to the tail so the scraping lines go the same way that your board rides. If you ride switch a lot you can change up the direction. It is also good to make long full scrapes from tip to tail rather than small aggressive scrapes in one section. This will keep the base smooth and make your board run faster.


And that’s it, your board is waxed and ready to go. Head to the mountains and enjoy your new super fast ride!