I have big feet, should I ride a Wide snowboard?

When Snowboards say that they are WIDE it generally means they are for riders with a size US 12 or bigger. This is a very generalised way of thinking and the true answer lies with the waist width of the board. 


We have tried to include waist width's on all our snowboards to make it easier to figure out if you need a WIDE board or a MID-WIDE board. Below is a chart which converts the waist size to shoe sizes. It is always best to double check the waist size of the board before automatically trusting company's definitions of WIDE. Unfortunately some companies will exagerate what is a wide, mid-wide or normal width snowboard. 


Wide Board: 260mm+ waist width

  • Great for guys size 12 boot (US) and bigger

Mid-Wide: 255-260mm waist width

  • Great for mens 10-12 boot (US)

Normal: 245-255mm waist width

  • This is where the majority of board sizes sit. Guys with US boot size 8-10 should avoid wider boards. Also Women with size 10 boots can also ride these boards.

Narrow: 235-245mm waist width

  • This is the size of the majority of women's boards. Some mens boards also fall into this category and can be ridden by men with US size 8 shoe and smaller or any womens boot size.


Do I have to ride a wide board if I have bigger feet?

You should always try to match your shoe size to the width of the board. Ideally you want a bit of your foot to hang over the board on each side so you can leverage your board from toeside to heelside. If it hangs over too much your toes and heels will catch the snow and knock you over. If your feet don't hang over enough you will have to work much harder just to tip the board on edge.


Can a woman ride men's snowboards?

Suprisingly this problem happens more with girls than with guys. Many women, girlfriends, sisters get hand me down boards from guys that are way too wide for them. They struggle to tip the board up on an edge and it can become extremely frustrating and end in tears, fights, and even break ups. Do yourself a favor and make sure this easily solvable problem doesn't happen to you. Girls need to be on women's specific snowboard unless they have man-sized feet.


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