Board Shapes have changed a lot over the last 10 years. We used to just have one shape (positive camber) and now we have hundreds. Each company uses different terminology and it can be very confusing. To simplify everything we have broken the different shapes into 5 categories that you will see below. Unfortunately every board doesn’t fit automatically into each category so if we have missed something or you still have any questions feel free to call (03) 9470 1822 or email us.

Positive Camber

 This is the original snowboard shape ideal for aggressive riders who want bigger ollies. It is stable at high speed especially when carving and has more control landing bigger jumps. You have to use your own weight to push the board into the shape of a turn. The board then wants to return to its original position which creates the pop and snap that gives your board its energy and life. Some people prefer riding this type of board in Powder because they feel that the pop and energy outweigh the fact that the nose constantly wants to dive down underneath the snow.

Known as: Standard Camber, Regular Camber, Traditional Camber

Reverse Camber

The reverse camber has predictability to its ride without ever worrying about catching an edge. It’s loose surfey feel is ridden more between the feet and naturally planes above powder. Unlike Positive Camber this board is already in the shape of a turn so it basically auto-turns itself. It is also great for exaggerated butters and presses on rails and boxes.

Known as: BTX, Rocker, Banana,

Flat Camber

This is an ideal choice for riders who want the stability of camber with the loose forgiving feel of reverse camber. These boards have a longer feel and therefore can be ridden a bit shorter. They also plane well above powder. Great all around board.

Known as: Flat Camber, Zero Camber

Hybrid Camber

Hybrid camber uses less aggressive versions of positive camber either between the feet or along the whole board for a more stable ride while remaining forgiving and free from catching edges. The small amounts of positive camber create a better platform for bigger ollies and landing jumps both in the park and all over the mountain. It is also a great choice for guys who prefer Positive Camber in Powder but want to avoid having their nose diving under the snow.

Known as: C3, Shockwave, Fusion, etc. 

Moustache Camber

This combines reverse camber between the feet with positive camber in the nose and tail for added zones of pop and control. This board turns itself, floats above powder and still has the control and stability at higher speeds. Great shape for riding everything.

Known as: C2, Rocker & Camber, Gullwing, Flying V

If you are still having trouble figuring which shape is right for you, come visit the shop and we would be happy to go over it with you. If you aren’t near Melbourne you can also email any questions or call us on (03) 9470 1822.