Warranty Policy

Let's face it, we all ride hard and the toys we play on are bound to take some abuse. Nearly all manufacturers understand this and provide a warranty against defects and workmanship. Each new product sold by Melbourne Snowboard Centre is covered by the individual manufacturer's warranty. Please check the manufacturer's website for information regarding their specific warranty policy. Melbourne Snowboard Centre does not make the final decision on what will be covered and it is up to the discretion of the manufacturer as to what qualifies as a warranty. 

As an Australian Snowboard Retailer we can only warranty products purchased from our store and website. Please have proof of purchase at Melbourne Snowboard Centre available when dealing with any warranties. 


Steps for Processing Warranties

    1. Determine whether the damage should be covered by warranty or if the issue is general wear and tear. (See the guidelines below or see our Warranty FAQ page)
    2. Email web@melbournesnowboard.com.au with a description and CLEAR detailed photos of the issue. Please also include your original order number or proof of purchase
    3. Our customer service team will be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if there is any more information that we need to open your warranty claim. 
    4. Your warranty claim will be forwarded to the manufacturer to determine if the product will be covered under warranty. We'll endeavour to get your claim processed asap but please allow up to 2 weeks for your claim to be processed. 

Here are a few things that are NOT covered by warranty (for more info please visit our Warranty FAQ page): 

  • Normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs over time. (chipped topsheet, sun faded topsheet, etc)
  • Damage resulting from contact with objects. (Rails, boxes, stumps, rocks, little kids, skiers, etc.)
  • Damage to product resulting from improper care or unnecessary roughness. (jamming tip/tail into snow, product flying off of roof racks, etc)
  • Parts, hardware, accessories that were lost or have gone missing AFTER receiving your shipment.
  • Boot damage caused by contact with a snowboards metal edges (commonly caused by contact with the edge when skating or resting your board on your boot when on a chairlift). 
  • Damage due to improper storage (storing items when wet, storing items in direct sunlight, or in a drying room that is too hot etc.) 
  • Goggle lenses fogging when the lens has been wiped/damaged on the inside of the lens. (may be covered if the fogging is happening between the two lenses).
  • Cracks or breaks on binding highbacks resulting from impact from chairlifts or standing on them.
  • Cuts on jackets, pants and gloves from snowboard edges, sliding on the snow/ice or rails.

The next step varies by manufacturer, you may be asked to bring or send the product into us but we will provide you with all the details for the next step. Initial shipping back to us during the warranty process is the responsibility of the customer. However, shipping costs after that will be covered by the manufacturer or Melbourne Snowboard Centre. This includes regular shipping to return the item to you for all items replaced or repaired under warranty. Let us know if you are in a rush and would like to pay extra for express shipping on your warranty return.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call. We want to see you back out on your product as much as you want to use it and try to get you a response within 48 hours of receiving the product.