If there was a zombie apocalypse (we really hope there isn't) and we needed to take shelter you would find us hiding under a stack of Never Summer boards. Never Summer’s reputation of quality and durability began in the early years of snowboarding. Designing and building snowboards since 1983 has given them years of experience in testing and perfecting their snowboard designs and construction methods.  

Camber + Rocker = Hybrid

Taking all the best bits from traditional camber and rocker, Never Summer have fused together a Massive lineup of hybrid snowboards ready to take on whatever you can throw at them. 

Play in the Park

The brand new 2020 Never Summer Dipstick replaces the Warlock as the soft flexing, true twin board that will turn the whole mountain into a park. With the Original Rocker Camber profile and carbon power strips, you still get solid pop and great edge response, without sacrificing the playful flex. 

The Never Summer Funslinger is back for another season as one of the most playful and fun freestyle boards around. With a soft but snappy flex you would expect it is great on rails, but with the Ripsaw Rocker Camber and Power Grip sidecut it can handle bigger features and terrain than you would expect. With an asymmetrical sidecut, turns feel natural and super smooth.

The 2020 Never Summer Peace is now in its second season, and is made to be a true twin park board that will make it easy to lock in legit presses, and have you buttering with more style than ever before.

With the very soft flex in between your feet it's easy to move the Peacemaker around, but the stiffer nose and tail with added carbon give you a stable platform for landing bigger features and jumps so you won't just wash out.

Something a little stiffer? Look no further then the 2020 Never Summer Proto Type Two, the winning combination of the Asymmetrical Funslinger and the aggressive ride of the Ripsaw. The asym sidecut means that turning is smooth and effortless, while the medium flex rating is suited to ride anywhere you can take it. 

Slash some stash 

Not for the faint hearted Never Summer's Big Gun is inspired by Gun surfboards that are made to handle the biggest waves. With 19mm of taper and a huge surface area, you get a stable ride that still turns with the responsive feeling of a shorter board. 

Something a little softer? The 2020 Never Summer West Bound features a new shape, a tapered & lifted nose to create insane float in pow. As well as being available in wide sizes, it also comes in DF (Drag Free) super wide versions, so no matter the size of your boots, the West Bound won't hold you back.

Fun and floaty? Check out the Never Summer Maverix. Made for smooth performance all season long, even when the conditions aren't the best. The features built into the Maverix all contribute to its versatile ride, making it the one board you can take out everyday, without having to look at the weather.


Turn the mountain into your playground 

There is an insane amount of technology in 2020 ( Read more here ) Never Summer Chairman this is the ultimate in smooth, fast, stable, and powerful riding.

The Never Summer Heritage is made up of all the things that make Never Summer boards great, and puts it together in an all-mountain, mid flexing board that can take you anywhere. 

The eye catching 2020 Never Summer Insta/Gator is an instigator of good times in literally any type of terrain due to the unique shape and construction. Spinning like a cyclone, and carving like a chef on Sundays. The best part about this board? You can ride it up to 10cm shorter than a regular snowboard, so don't be afraid to downsize because it'll have the float and stability of a board much longer, but spin and play like a short park board. 

Ride like a bull out of a cage on the Never Summer Ripsaw.  From aggressive big mountain lines, to playful freestyle riding, it will tear up any terrain you can give it - with speed and stability. The true twin shape makes it a versatile board, that can land and ride switch just as well as it does in the regular direction. 

The cruisy Never Summer Snowtrooper is the board of choice for riders who want one board to carve groomers, surf through deep pow and lap through the park, mid flexing and playful

Ladies lineup 

The 2020 Never Summer Infinity is loved by riders of all ability and style. Built for performance in any condition, the mid flex and Original Rocker Camber profile of the Infinity make it incredibly versatile and simply fun to ride, regardless of whether the park is your poison, or you've got a passion for powder. 

Building on the reputation of the ever popular mens West, the new 2020 Never Summer Lady West has taken those ingredients and cooked up a storm. Medium stiff flex and extra carbon, the Lady West will take you through any terrain you can find. 

Last & certainly not least is the Womens Proto, a board that you don't want to miss out on - a lightweight, responsive board that tears it up anywhere on the mountain you can take it. With the Ripsaw Rocker Camber combined with the medium flex, it feels just as at home carving groomers as it does in the park, or off in the trees.

Get your FIX 

Simple - Durable - Functional 

These are three words we like to hear when shopping for a binding, and Fix fits the brief! These tool free bindings offer something for every style of rider and every budget.

A-B couldn't be easier on the Fix Truce, simplistic and smooth binding (not to mention a Transworld tested award winner) that will allow you to ride the whole mountain like a park. It is a medium flexing binding that's comfortable, performs well, and can take a beating and keep on going. 

The price is right! Fix Yale is a brand new snowboard binding for the 2020 season, based off the ever-popular Magnum design, refined for more bang for your buck and more accessible performance. Designed for simple freestyle performance, but it's anything but simple. Featuring a solid footbed, a memory gel ankle strap, and an injected toe strap, the Yale is the complete package with a balance of comfort, weight, flex, and style. 

Fly through the Park on the Fix Highlux, and being one of the only winged park bindings on the market, you know it's gonna go quick. This park specific binding has been designed for maximum support through presses and tweaks, with stability and comfort to help you charge through hard landings and ride all over the mountain. 

Versatility? Fix Winslow has you covered, boasting a mid flexing highback paired with a mid-stiff basetray that makes it perfect for all mountain riding, side hits, pow tree lines, park laps, and anything else you can think of.

Fix Magnum is the freestyle superstar of the Fix range, the flagship binding that put Fix on the map. Featuring an adjustable extruded aluminium heelcup, the Magnum boasts more customisation for better board position, and balances strength, weight, and dampening perfectly to make this binding perform from the streets to powder and everything in between. . 

Also available in our very own special edition Fix x MSC Magnum Binding.

For the Ladies...

Simple, smooth & great bang for your buck. The Fix January ankle strap comes with Memory Gel Padding that keeps your over-boot comfort at an all-time high plus the toe cap keeps the pressure off your pinky and your boot locked in. 

The 2020 Fix Havana is a winner if your looking for a mid flexing, tool free all mountain binding. 

For top tier all mountain freestyle performance the Fix Opus is your fuss free best friend!

We carry a massive range of sizes and colours in the Fix range, so come say hi to your favourite shop crew and let us help guide you in finding your dream setup! 

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