A storm has been brewing here at MSC - We have teamed up with some of your favourite brands to rain some sweet deals down on you this week only. We are wiping 10% off Rome Snowboards, POW Gloves, Sandbox Helmets & Dragon Goggles.

Tune in here to get the low down on this seasons product! 

POW Gloves

POW is a handwear brand, focused entirely on making the highest performing, durable, and well styled handwear for those who demand it. While other companies produce a multitude of other categories, with gloves being merely an afterthought, POW remains committed solely to handwear, which uniquely enables them to do it better than the rest. 


The Pow Handicrafter Mitt has over cuff style, warm insulation and full on print in a loud style. The HIPORA waterproof insert keeps you dry, and the 100g of 3M insulation lock in the heat.  

The Pow Trench GTX are some value packed mitts, with a Gore-Tex liner at a price that won't break the bank. Warm and comfortable inside with micro fleece lining and 4oz/3oz fiber insulation, you will stay comfortable and warm all day long.

Start and end your day dry and warm with the Pow Warner GTX Short Mitt. Super versatile, the included merino wool liner means you can wear it in the glove in the middle of winter, the mitts by themselves in milder weather, or even just the liner when it really warms up. The Durable Gore-Tex insert keeps you dry, and the 100g of 3M Thinsulate insulation keeps the cold away no matter the temperature.

Just the name Royal gives you an idea of what to expect from the Pow Royal GTX Mitts. Top end features, warmth, comfort and protection in a mitt that will handle riding 100 days a year. 

The Gore-Tex insert gives you top level waterproofing, and the Active technology means that it breathes extremely well, so your hands won't get stuffy inside the gloves.

If you are looking for top of the line warmth, comfortability, and protection, the Royal is what you need.


The Pow XG Glove is the bang for buck pick, with a Hipora waterproof insert, 100g of 3M Thinsulate insulation at a price that can't be beaten. 

The Pow Villain Glove has a low profile design, that still manages to give you plenty of warmth and protection, without going crazy on the bulk. The Grade A leather with 40g of toasty warm Thinsulate insulation locks in the heat, and the Hipora waterproof insert keeps the moisture away. For a low profile glove that looks as good as it feels, you won't beat the Villain.

The name of the Pow Royal gives you an idea of what to expect. Top of the line features, comfort and protection in a glove that is made to handle riding 100 days a year.

The Gore-Tex insert gives you top level waterproofing, and the Active technology means that it breathes extremely well, so your hands won't get stuffy inside the gloves.

If you are looking for a top of the line, that is warm, comfortable and gives you plenty of protection, the Royal is what you need.

The Pow Stealth GTX is back and better than ever. No matter the conditions, with the full leather shell, durable and waterproof Gore-Tex insert and Primaloft Gold Insulation, the Stealth is the one glove to handle it all. Now with a touchscreen compatible index finger and thumb, you won't have to get cold to check your phone.

The 2019 Pow Alpha GTX Glove is a mid-winter performer, featuring a high level of quality insulation, durable grade A leather construction, and Gore-Tex waterproofing technology that guarantees you'll stay warm and dry this winter.

The Pow Tormenta GTX Glove gives you the mountaineers style & functionality in a warm and breathable Gore-Tex glove.

The waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex lining keeps you protected and dry, while still letting your hands breath. The longer gauntlet style makes sure to keep snow out, and you can quickly tighten and close them up with the cord adjuster. The heavyweight insulation is a combination between 4oz Primaloft Gold and 133g Primaloft Grip Control, which will keep you warm in even the worst conditions.

Rome Snowboards 

Men's Boards 

One board to rule them all ?  The 2020 Rome National is the right snowboard, it doesn't matter where you ride, it doesn't matter what your style is, all that matters is that you're after a board that rides hard, and rides well. The National has a directional twin shape with a fusion camber profile, giving you premium response and pop with some extra float when facing forwards. 

Ride the whole mountain like a park on the The 2020 Rome Gang Plank. A snowboard for riders who see everything as a feature. Always on the hunt for something to jump or jib, the Gang Plank thrives in every situation thanks to its mid flex and rocker profile, which provides the stability to stomp jumps, with the flex to press the hell out of the park. 

Looking to blow the park up this season? The 2020 Rome Buckshot has more pop than you'll know what to do with. The go-to board of Ozzy Henning for street and park, this true twin, soft-mid flexing, positive camber, hell raiser of a board has exactly what you need to pop, press, slide, and stomp everything. 

If it ain't broken don't fix it. The 2020 Rome Artifact is the next chapter for the original park board. The go-to for team riders and park rats when they're looking to get creative and playful, the Artifact boasts a soft flex, a stable, easy to press camber profile, and plenty of tech to push through the abuse of sliding, bonking, and inevitably crashing into any feature in the park and out.  

The Rome Agent Snowboard is back! This 2020 model is a new iteration of Romes famous Agent, the versatile board that arguably made Rome into the brand it is today. Featuring a new shape but keeping the same versatility that made it so sought after, the perfect board for the do it all rider. 

The 2020 Rome Mechanic snowboard is fine tuned for all mountain performance. The Mechanic is a great choice whether it's your first board or just something to play around on. All the thrills without the spills and at a surprisingly low price, this is one mechanic you can always trust. 

Ladies Boards

Perfect for progression, The 2020 Rome Royal is here for the girl that's just starting out, providing an easy-riding platform that will quickly progress your skills. A forgiving camber profile, a soft flex, and QuickRip edge technology, you'll be turning with ease while still having strong control over your board. 

The 2020 Rome Heist snowboard is ready to step up with your progression this season. This poppy mid flex all mountain weapon is cool, calculated and prepared for anything.

Dragon Goggles

Dragon has landed at MSC!


 New to the already solid lineup the PXV is the new kid on the scene. Offering the widest field of vision on the market a whopping 220 panotech lens will have you seeing new features in optimum clarity that you didn't even know existed. Also available in a Photochromic lens - acting like a transitional lens, actively changing its hue when exposed to varying levels of UV light.


The 2019 Dragon NFX2 is one of the most stylish goggles around, and is Dragon's most advanced goggle with a cylindrical lens. Make super quick and easy lens changes thanks to the Dragon Swiftlock system, stay cool and fog free with long lasting armored venting, and see with greater clarity and definition with Lumalens lens technology. Also available in a photochromic lens.  


The 2019 Dragon X1 is a top tier frameless spherical goggle that comes standard with Lumalens technology.  Also available in photochromic and Asian Fit options. Prefer a smaller fitting goggle? Check out the X1s, its cool younger brother! 


With that same classic Dragon style The Dragon X2 is a frameless spherical lense goggle stepping up the field of vision with additional swift lock technology to make switching lenses a breeze. Smaller fitting version available in the X2s! 


The Sandbox Legend helmet takes one of the most classic looking skate helmets and turns it into a functional all season helmet. It comes with removable ear covers for when it gets warm or if you prefer wearing a beanie underneath, plus they're audio-ready, so you can slip some headphones in and blast tunes in comfort. 

The Sandbox Classic 2.0 helmet is one of the best looking helmets around, with the protection and comfort to match. Featuring removable ear pads for extra hot days, and suitable for use with or without a beanie.

The Sandbox Classic 2.0 Apex proves that safety and style can work in perfect harmony. Upgraded with ABS shell and EPS foam liner keep you comfortable and protected, and the BOA adjustment means that you can fine tune the fit easily.


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