Denver, Colorado, has long been a hub for the snow sport industry, but for one local brand, Denver has been home for far, far longer. Never Summer Industries have been handcrafting snowboards in Denver for some thirty four years, leading to a reputation of quality and durability, year after year. Beginning in 1983, Never Summer has been constantly testing and perfecting their snowboard designs and construction methods, leading to what we believe to be their best and most diverse range to date.

Combining domestic manufacturing, world renowned raw materials, and a close working relationship with engineers, Never Summer is able to bring us the most durable, high performance boards in the world. Their patented hybrid camber technology perfects the science of snowboarding, allowing you to go anywhere, and do anything, without the need for multiple snowboards. The award winning rocker camber profile with Vario Power Grip side cut, is the most versatile camber profile on the market, and a must have for any die hard rider.

This year, we see the return of all the crowd favourites, such as the Proto Type Two, Ripsaw and the Infinity, just to name a few. We also see the introduction of a few new faces, with pro models from team riders Chris Corning and Dylan Alito, as well as the return of an old favourite, The Heritage. Chris Corning’s’ pro model, the Shaper Twin, has 10mm of taper, a centred stance and the Fusion Rocker Camber profile, which makes it a great choice for the rider who wants a twin freestyle board that will actually still ride just as hard all over the mountain. With the Ripsaw Rocker camber in the tail, you get loads of pop and edge hold, while the Original Rocker Camber in the front gives you a smooth and surfy feel, with extra float when you are riding in fresh snow. A crazy mix between styles - that actually works.  

Dylan Alito brings us the Peacemaker, standing out as a slayer in the park, and finished with one of the best graphics of the season. With a very soft flex between your feet, this board is going to be a blast to throw around, but with a stiffer nose and tail (and added carbon), you’ll still have a stable platform for landing bigger features. When it does snow, the Blower Inserts let you mount your bindings all the way back, so you can float in pow with no effort at all.

Finally, a classic in the Never Summer range, the Heritage, has had a makeover, with new materials and re-designed shaping. With the Original Rocker Camber profile, mid-firm flex and damp ride technology, this really is the all-mountain destroyer you’ve been looking for.

We see Never Summer walk out the door faster and faster every year, and we don't expect this year to be any different. If you want to get your hands on a board from their 2019 range, make sure to pre order today!


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