Here at Melbourne Snowboard Centre, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the best fitting boot for you, no matter how long it takes. Whether you’re new to snowboarding, or have years of experience behind you, snowboard boots should always be your first acquisition when picking out a board, boots, and bindings setup. A comfortable and supportive boot is the key ingredient to a good day on the hill, which is why we always suggest trying boots on in store, whenever possible. As arguably the most important part of your snowboard setup, spending a little time (and in some cases, money) to get that perfect fit is crucial to your experience, and will ensure happy feet, all season long. Find the right boots today and you’re in for years of support and comfort. Skimp on boots today and you’ll be kicking yourself two months down the track.


While we ensure our staff are trained to find you the perfect fitting boot, it can be difficult to know exactly how a boot feels on your foot. The idea of sizing down can be uncomfortable for first time riders, even seasonal veterans, and getting used to the flex and feel of a new boot can be difficult to comprehend. This is why we have decided to call in a little helping hand, introducing you to new SIDAS FEETBOX technology, coming soon to our Preston store!


Feetbox® technology allows us to firstly analyse your foot, offering a quick and efficient modern experience, and providing all the important details about the shape and arch of your foot. Using this technology, we can then meet the needs of every foot, no matter the shape and size, and provide you with the best possible fit. In addition, the importance of insoles is an issue often over looked when purchasing boots. In general, most snowboard boots on the market will come with very minimal offering in the form of an insole, despite the colossal benefits they provide. Insoles will often aid in the reduction of heel lift, as well as provide a more comfortable and supporting fit. Using Feetbox®, it will now be possible to know exactly what 3Feet® insole will be right for you, with just a single analysis.


ABOUT 3Feet®

3Feet® understands that no two feet are the same, differing in shape, movement and pressure. Feet are unique in their form, complex in structure and sensitive to pain and discomfort. Most importantly, they are the basis of our body. When comparing feet, the most crucial difference can be seen in the arch of the foot, with the three categories being high arched feet, medium arched feet, and low arched feet. Understanding these differences, 3Feet® offers a range of solutions, all designed to offer maximum comfort, support and stability.

Long days spent on the slopes can often be tiring and uncomfortable for your feet. With the help of SIDAS technology, we are now able to improve the health of your feet, and provide you with a comfortable and happy experience.

Keep an eye out online, and on our social media pages for updates on when this new technology will be up and running. See you in store soon!