So, what constitutes a warranty?

A company will only warrant a product that presents a manufacturing fault.

A manufacturing fault is an issue brought about by a failure or misdoing when the product was being created. A manufacturing fault may also present itself under normal use of the product. 

What is covered under warranty?

  • Seam Splitting under normal/correct use
  • Buttons failing
  • Twisted liners
  • Binding Ratchets Failing
  • Fabric Deterioration under normal timeframe/use

What is not covered under warranty?

  • Boots coming apart due to resting your board on your foot
  • High backs breaking due to chair impact
  • Chips in top sheet of snowboard
  • Goggle lenes fogging on the inside of lens
  • Incorrect fit, size or feel
  • Impact damage

This is a brief overview of warranties versus non warranties, however each case will always be assessed individually taking all circumstances into account. 


Warranty? No

As you can see here, the left boot versus the right boot are in two completely different states. The left boot here has had a board rested on it, usually whilst on a chairlift. The right boot on the other hand has obviously stayed strapped in and not received any unintended wear.

When you rest your board on your boot, the sharp edge of the board digs in and cuts through the material on the top of the boot. Snowboard boots are not designed to withstand a snowboard edge, especially overtop the laces. 

Solution? Hook your toe into the heel cup of your binding, therefore no part of the snowboard edge is touching the boot and your legs are evenly rested!