Noah Salasnek's first pro model was iconic

Noah Salasnek's first pro model was iconic and had one of the most recognizable graphics ever produced by Sims.

The graphic was not the only one released in 1994, as Kemper dropped a pro model for Andy Hetzel with a similar theme. The debate around who released it first has still not been resolved. Noah was an accomplished skater who had already had a pro model skate deck, making him more than worthy of this graphic.

Skateboarding has always had a strong influence on snowboarding, but around this time, it really took off. Noah was one of the leading figures, doing crazy jibs, massive pokes, and freakish buttering. As a result of this shift, board design changed too. The winter before this, riders started sawing off excess nose and tail off their boards to create less swing weight, which made spin tricks easier. Companies took notice and started releasing twin tips with less tip and tail, shorter lengths, wider stances, and increased width to accommodate those zero-zero stances!


Upping the Ante | Mack Dawg Productions (1994)

(04:01) - Noah's Part

TB4 - Run to the Hills | Standard Films (1995)

(04:35) - Noah's Part

  NOAH SALASNEK REISSUE - SIMS NUB'93The 2025 Sims Nub '93 rides based on the modern Mystery Lunch board but with an original nod to the Noah Salasnek Nub from the mid 90's. This iconic board was the beginning of the blend of skate and snow style from Noah's extremely unique view of skateboarding and snowboarding.

The Sims Nub '93 is a high-performance freestyle snowboard that features traditional camber and twin shape, providing riders with a nostalgic feel to boards of the early 90's. The early rise in the 90's inspired nose and tail improve overall performance while the Twin Wave Form Core and long effective edge allow for optimal control and manoeuvrability. 


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