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Colour: Sketchy / LL Pink Ion + LL Dark Smoke Lens Chart

Snow Goggles Lens Chart

We have put together a collection of all the lenses available and their light transmission ratings so you can have an easy time finding the perfect lens for your next snow trip. These guides are all gathered from the manufactures themselves and can change without us knowing. Please use this as a guide only and if you need further help give us a call in the shop on 03 9470 1822 or send us an email with any questions to web@melbournesnowboard.com.au.

Light transmission is important when choosing lenses. 100% would mean you don't have anything between your eye and the light source and 0% means no light can get to your eyes. Choose a low light transmission lens for sunnier days and a high light transmission lens for stormy overcast days.

 Lens Colour
Light Transmission
Amber 55%
Blue Amber 50%
Blue Cobalt 6%
Blue Fusion 38%
Blue Lagoon 38%
Blue Silver Fade


Blue Solex 25%
Clear 85%
Clear Gradient 27%
Dark Smoke 8%
Gold Chrome 40%
Green Solex 18%
Light Rose Gradient 22%
Perceive Cloudy Burst 59% / S1
Perceive Cloudy Pink
53% / S1
Perceive Sunny Red 14% / S3
Perceive Sunny Bronze 17% / S3
Perceive Sunny Onyx 6% / S4
Perceive Variable Blue 21% / S2
Perceive Variable Green 22% / S2
Perceive Variable Violet 34% / S2
Pink Cobalt 6%
Pink SQ 35%
Red Grey Gradient 12%
Red Ice 80%
Red Solex 25%
Silver Amber 35%
Silver Rose 30%
Silver Solex 18%
Smoke Polar 8%
Sonar Blue 46%
Sonar Bronze 19%
Sonar Green 23%
Sonar Infrared 57%
Sonar Night 77%
Sonar Pink 39%
Sonar Red 14%
Sonar Silver 6%
Sonar Smoke 7%
Yellow 75%
Yellow Grey Gradient 22%
 Lens Colour Light Transmission
Blue Ionised 50 - 60%
Blue Steel 20 - 30%
Clear 85 - 95%
Eclipse 1 - 11%
Gold Ionised 35 - 45%
Smoked Gold 15.9 - 16.2%
Green Ionised 16 - 26%
Ionised 28 - 38%
Jet Ionised 15 - 20%
Lumalens Amber 35%
Lumalens Blue Ion 15%
Lumalens Flash Blue 51%
Lumalens Gold Ion 10%
Lumalens Green Ion 25%
Lumalens Pink Ion 60%
Lumalens Purple Ion 24%
Lumalens Red Ion 28%
Lumalens Rose 35%
Lumalens Silver Ion 20%
Lumalens Yellow 30%
Photochromic Amber 16 - 66%
Photochromic Clear 16 - 80%
Photochromic Light Rose
17 - 66%
Photochromic Yellow
16 - 80%
Pink Ionised 58 - 68%
Polarised 15 - 25%
Red Ionised 16 - 28%
Rose 20 - 30%
Transition Yellow Sunny to Foggy
Transition Rose Sunny to Overcast
Transition Clear Partly Sunny to Night Time
Yellow Blue Ionised 60 - 70%
Yellow 75 - 85%
 Lens Colour Light Transmission
Jet Black 5 - 6%
Blue 54 - 56%
Blue / Silver Chrome 16 - 29%
Rose / Blue Chrome 26 - 38%
Rose 22 - 32%
Yellow 61 - 72%
Yellow / Silver Chrome 30 - 42%
Yellow / Blue Chrome 61 - 72%
Grey 43 - 56%
Grey / Silver Chrome 20 - 32%
Grey Polorised 12 - 24%
Bronze / Silver Chrome 12 - 13%
Bronze / Red Chrome 14 - 21%
Bronze / Gold Chrome 14 - 22%
Bronze / Blue Chrome 18 - 22%
Bronze 25%
 Lens Colour Light Transmission
Transition Sunny to Foggy
Blue Ionised 50 - 60%
Blue Steel 20 - 30%
Clear 85 - 95%
Eclipse 1 - 11%
Gold Ionised 35 - 45%
Smoked Gold 15.9 - 16.2%
Green Ionised 16 - 26%
Ionised 28 - 38%
Jet Ionised 15 - 20%
Pink Ionised 58 - 68%
Polarised 15 - 25%
Red Ionised 16 - 28%
Rose 20 - 30%
Yellow Blue Ionised 60 - 70%
Yellow 75 - 85%

 Lens Colour Light Transmission
Prizm Lenses
Prizm Black Bright Sun to Partly Cloudy
Prizm Torch
Sunny to Overcast
Prizm Jade
Sunny to Overcast
Prizm Sapphire
Sunny to Overcast
Prizm Rose
Partly Sunny to Snow and Fog
Prizm Hi Pink
Overcast to Snow and Fog
Regular Lenses
24K Iridium 10%
Dark Grey 10 - 14%
Fire Iridium Polarised 10%
Emerald Iridium 10 - 13%
Fire Iridium 12 - 16%
Jade Iridium 12 - 17%
Violet Iridium 14%
VR28 Polarised 14%
Black Rose Iridium 15%
VR28 Black Iridium 18%
Black Iridium 15 - 20%
Gold Iridium 20%
Dark Grey Polarised 21%
Blue Iridium 22 - 30%
Hi Amber Polarised 25%
VR28 23 - 25%
Blue 26%
G30 30%
VR50 Emerald Iridium 30%
Rose 35%
VR50 Pink Iridium 37%
Persimmon 54 - 62%
Hi Persimmon 55%
Yellow 75%
Hi Yellow 78 - 81%
Clear 90%
 Lens Colour Light Transmission
Tru Def 19 - 36%
Black Chrome 5%
Bronze Polar 5%
Bronze Chrome 14%
Amber Chrome 15%
Fire Chrome 17%
Astro Chrome 21%
Quasar Chrome 23%
Rose 28%
Nightstalker Blue 54%
Yellow Chrome 71%
Yellow 73%
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