Type of Snowboard Edges


Magnetraction refers to the wavy edge shape this is used on snowboards for added edge hold and control. All snowboards have TWO contact points towards the nose and tail that stick out wider than the rest of the board. These contact points help grip and hold your board on the snow when carving so it doesn’t just slip down the mountain. 

Magne-Traction has SEVEN contact points that stick out and add better edge hold and control throughout the entire edge. It works a lot like a serrated knife that cuts into harder surfaces with less effort. The magne-traction works exceptionally well on ice and hard packed snow without any drawbacks. The extra edge hold doesn’t feel grippy and is only noticeable when you go back to riding an older board and find yourself working harder to hold an edge. It is no surprise that we sell more boards with magne-traction than without. 


History of Magnetraction

Since Lib-Tech and the mad snowboard scientists at Mervin Manufacturing first debuted magne-traction it has won over 15 Transworld Good Wood awards and 20 Future Magazine Awards. It has also licensed the magne-traction to a number of other popular brands including Gnu, Roxy, Jones, Rossignol, Smokin Snowboards, and Niche Snowboards. When one of the most influential and progressive big mountain riders in the world, Jeremy Jones, decided to start his own snowboard company his only requirements were that the boards had to have magne-traction on them. 

Also many companies other companies have developed similar edge technology to match what Lib-Tech has created. Rome and Arbor use a an edge with four contact points, Salomon uses “equalizer” which has a geometric shaped edge that essentially creates 7 contact points. Even Burton uses Frostbite Edges, which create very subtle contact points under the feet. 


Is Magnatraction the Best Technology?

Without a doubt Magne-Traction works and comes highly recommended by many of the top industry riders including TRAVIS RICE and JEREMY JONES! Magne-traction is one of those amazing technologies that has no real drawbacks and simply makes your snowboarding feel effortless. Why wouldn’t you want magne-traction?


Never Summer's Vario Power Grip Sidecut

Never Summer has come up with a system that is essentially the same thing as magnetraction. It uses 5 different radiuses to create 5 contact points that dig in and hold an edge better.


Salomon's Equalizer Technology

Salomon has a similar system as Never Summer but instead of actual radiuses they use straight lines with geometric shapes. The have a 3 sided sidecut which results in 5 contact points as well as a 5 sided sidecut that results in 7 contact points.