How to get Your GST Back at the Airport

Looking for some extra savings off your new gear? Planning on taking a trip overseas in the next 2 months? You can get your full GST back on any purchases made over $300 in the last 60 days. Simply follow our four rules below.


  1. Your Invoice has to be over $300 in value (GST inclusive). This can be a single item costing over $300 or multiple items on the same receipt with a total amount over $300.
  2. Your Receipt has to be dated in the last 60 days before your departure. If you are planning on taking a trip overseas it may be well worth it to buy everything you need in that 60 day period. The items do not need to be boxed up or in new condition. Only the receipt needs to be within the 60 day period.
  3. You the Passenger paid for the goods.
  4. The TRS (Tax Return Service) agent has to see at the actual product described on the receipt. This can be confusing because the main TRS office is after customs (meaning after you have checked your bags in). In most airports there is a second TRS office before customs where an agent can visibly check anything in your checked bags before and give you a ticket. You will then need to check your bags, and bring the ticket to the TRS office after customs to receive your GST back.
  5. You have to bring your receipt with you. There are no extra forms or paperwork to fill out just your receipt. If the Invoice exceeds $1,000 it MUST include your name and address. Make sure you have your credit or bank account details as most TRS stations no longer hand out cash. (The refund can take up to three weeks)


You can now speed up the process by using the TRS office's new App on your mobile or online. Click here to download and find out more.


The TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) was created for products that are not coming back into Australia. This usually means your items were bought as a gift for family, friends or colleagues overseas. Australia doesn’t check your items when you come back in.