Yuki Threads Have Arrived At MSC!

Rally the troops!  Yuki Threads are back in store at MSC!  

You guys have been waiting for this since last year (don't lie, you have so), and we'll admit, we have been too.  This years drop of hoodies and accessories is as good as ever...wait...actually it's even better!  We're all about keeping our earth in tip top shape, so we're pretty stoked about this years range being made from Fairtrade Organic Cotton!

Yuki will also donate 1% of all sales- not just profit,- to environmental grassroots organisations, kinda like a self imposed 'environmental tax'. Hell yeah! As part of their campaign, Yuki has put together 3 videos outlining their movements as a company and the environmental changes they are implementing this year. Part 1 is up and online, jump on this link and check it out!


Now, let's talk hoodies. All your favourite designs are back for 2017, plus a few added extras which we're super excited about. As always though, we can't keep these on our shelves for longer than 5 minutes, so you better snap yours up quick - smart! 

In store & online. Go!

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