Buying a snowboard, especially a powder board or something slightly left of centre can be a daunting experience. Daunting in the way that you aren't quite exactly sure how it may ride! Unfortunately this is the way it is out here in Aus, without readily accessible mountains, we can't all go and test ride boards before we buy them... until now. 

In store at Melbourne Snowboard Centre, we have the entirety of Mervin's demo fleet for you guys to come and try! If you've been contemplating purchasing a new board from Mervin's array of brands, Lib-Tech, Gnu or Roxy, now is your chance! 

Want to try a board? Hit us up at and book it in!

To go with your chance to demo all the boards we have on offer, we're giving you 15% off Lib-Tech, GNU, Roxy and Bent Metal bindings PLUS Free Shipping for orders over $50! 

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