If we were to stand here and say that Spring had sprung, well lets face it, that would be a flat out lie. Our Aus resorts are experiencing some of our heaviest snow falls of the season, but that doesn't mean that the warm weather isn't just around the corner. If you're anything like us, this means a whole new wardrobe, and a whole new look on layering and outerwear. Don't get caught out in heavy, insulated gear, and allow yourself to enjoy the sun!


When it comes to spring riding, layering is the key! Leave the down jackets at home and grab yourself a quality wicking base layer. This will draw the sweat away from the body and save you from feeling cold once the sun goes away and the temperature drops. If you've spent a day on the hill, you're more than likely aware how fast the temperature can chop and change. Base layers are there to keep you warm when its cold, and wick the sweat away when it's hot.  We suggest something like the Burton Midweight Crew, which comes in both mens and womens.



A mid layer is generally something like a lightweight fleece, something breathable and slim enough to fit under a jacket. When the temperatures start to rise, you can pack away the mid layer and save yourself from overheating. If you feel confident on the hill, you may choose to stop at the mid layer. This means, a thermal and a hoodie, no jacket. We don't suggest this if you're still mastering balance, or if you find yourself sitting down to strap in at the top of the lift. As the temperatures rise, the snow melts, and you find yourself sitting in slush.... You get the rest. If this sounds like you, we suggest going for something with a DWR coating, offering a degree of waterproofing to keep you dryer. Oakley offers a great DWR option which you can shop here!

When picking an outer layer, your two main priorities are waterproofing and weight. Anything too heavy is going to cause you to overheat and sweat. You don't want that, the people you're riding the chair with don't want that, and the people you're road tripping home with definitely do not want that. Ideally, something with underarm venting would be a good option also. 

Spring weather can be hit or miss, combine periods of sun, with period of wet snow, and (don't deny it) the chance of falling in slush. For this reason, the more waterproof, the better. Finally, if you have a hood use it, or never use it. Nobody wants cold, wet, melted snow pouring down their back when they raise their hood. NO ONE! Check out the Airblaster Rainbreaker!


Again, ditch the heavy insulation and grab something light! Always remember, air venting is key, and leg gaiters are a nice bonus too if you want to keep the snow out. When the weather gets really warm, you may choose to ditch the thermals, and wear only your snow pants and warm socks!

HINT: Check the weather first!

When it comes to spring, you don't want to find yourself unprepared. Check the weather first and plan ahead. Always remember, skating your board and riding around will warm you up quickly, so make sure to take this into account when picking what to wear!

Enjoy the snow!


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