Neither was ROME SDS - read here to find out a little more about this grass roots anti - establishment snowboarder focused company and their 2020 lineup, now stocked at MSC! 

Rome SDS was founded by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz who wanted to start their own snowboard company, with the aim of improving on the mediocre stuff other companies were releasing at the time. 

To this day ROME has helped to drive snowboarding counter culture, embracing the snowbums, park rats, pow slasher, outcasts & true characters that have given birth to the sport we all know and love today. 

With a strong focus on rider driven testing & even more solid team backing including the likes of Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Stale Sandbech and Rene Rinnekangas you know their boards are getting put through their paces. 

Sit down, grab a cuppa and read a little more about the ROME SDS lineup! 


This 2020 model is a new iteration of Romes famous Agent, the versatile board that arguably made Rome into the brand it is today. Featuring a new shape but keeping the same versatility that made it so sought after, the Agent is for the rider that shreds the park, launches off sidehits, and boosts all around the mountain. Shop Here


The 2020 Rome Artifact is the next chapter for the original park board. The go-to for team riders and park rats when they're looking to get creative and playful, the Artifact boasts a soft flex, a stable, easy to press camber profile, and plenty of tech to push through the abuse of sliding, bonking, and inevitably crashing into any feature in the park and out. Shop here


The 2020 Rome Buckshot snowboard is an explosive park and rail board with more pop than you'll know what to do with. The go-to board of Ozzy Henning for street and park, this true twin, soft-mid flexing, positive camber, hell raiser of a board has exactly what you need to pop, press, slide, and stomp everything. Shop here


The 2020 Rome Mechanic snowboard is fine tuned for all mountain performance. Featuring an easy-riding, versatile camber profile, tough construction, and QuickRip edges for super strong hold, The Mechanic is a great choice whether it's your first board or just something to play around on. All the thrills without the spills and at a surprisingly low price, this is one mechanic you can always trust. Shop here


The 2020 Rome National is the right snowboard, it doesn't matter where you ride, it doesn't matter what your style is, all that matter is that you're after a board that rides hard, and rides well. The National has a directional twin shape with a fusion camber profile, giving you premium response and pop with some extra float when facing forwards. Lightweight construction, a super speedy base, and durability tech that can endure the punishment of professional riders, it's no wonder the National has quickly established itself as a team favourite. Shop here


The 2020 Rome Gang Plank is the snowboard for riders who see everything as a feature. Always on the hunt for something to jump or jib, the Gang Plank thrives in every situation thanks to its mid flex and rocker profile, which provides the stability to stomp jumps with the flex to press the hell out of the park. The rocker nose and tail add extra float in powder as well, so you can ride the powder in the morning, hit the park in the afternoon, and never stop chasing your next trick. Shop here 

......... FOR THE LADIES


The 2020 Rome Heist snowboard is cool, calculated and prepared for anything. This women's-specific model has received an upgrade for the 2020 season, now featuring the super-responsive Fusion Camber profile which provides strong pop and edge hold while reducing the catch in the tip and tail, allowing you to carve hard and jump high without being bucked. For the rider that wants to do it all, the Heist will take you there. Shop here


The 2020 Rome Royal snowboard loves progression. For the girl that's just starting out, the Royal gives you the royal treatment, providing an easy-riding platform that will quickly progress your skills. Featuring a forgiving camber profile, a soft flex, and QuickRip edge technology, you'll be turning with ease while still having strong control over your board. For beginners and beyond, the Royal is predictable, smooth, and most of all, a whole heap of fun. Shop here

Sizes are already selling fast, so come down and check out the range in store or online today! 

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