You know, there are plenty of things we get excited over here at gear, the start of a new season, SNOW, and to add to the list, CAPITA AND UNION WEEK!

We're starting to see that fluffy white stuff fall and we couldn't be happier, so to celebrate, we've decided to cut the prices of new season Capita and Union by 10%!

We know how much you guys get around these two brands, so there really is no better time to get set up on a new shred stick than RIGHT NOW!

As usual, the crew from Capita/Union will be cooking up a storm in store this Saturday the 8th of a July, so come down, grab yourself a feed, and talk all things snow with one of the team!

Plus, there's heaps of giveaways to be won, and who doesn't love giveaways?!

See you in the week!


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