Postseason Board Care


With the snow season wrapped up, it’s time to give your equipment some TLC to keep it protected whilst stored over summer. Snowboard and ski bases tend to dry out in warmer temperatures and can develop rust on the metal edges if stored wet or damp. It’s important to store your equipment properly now to ensure it’s in tip-top condition for next years turns and the years to come!
We recommend cleaning your base and edges to remove any dirt, existing rust and old wax, then apply a storage wax to your snowboard/skis to protect the base and edges from harm. 


A storage wax means not scraping the excess wax off your base after applying, allowing the extra layer to protect the base pores from drying out. From here, all you need to do is scrape it off a few days before your next trip!



What you need: 

Firstly you will need some supplies. We offer a great wax kit that comes with the bare minimum of what you need to wax your board. This includes a waxing iron, wax and scraper. Other supplies you may need are a base cleaner, a scourer and a cloth.
If this isn’t up your alley, we have a full tuning and repair shop in-store, here in Melbourne. Once our store reopens, you’re welcome to drop your equipment to us to repair and wax for you! 


Step 1: Clean the base.

As mentioned above, cleaning the base will help remove dirt and old wax. We recommend using a base cleaner to scrub the base with a scourer, paying extra attention to any grimy areas. Wipe off any residue with the polishing cloth, clearing the base of old wax and dirt. 


Step 2: Apply the wax.

Heat up your iron and drip a thin layer of wax across the board. To begin with, set the temperature to a low setting. To melt the wax, gently press one corner of the wax block to the iron, holding above the board to allow the wax drops to fall onto the base of the board. Move the iron smoothly and steadily to drip wax around the edges before zig zagging through the middle of the board. 
TIP: Be careful, it is easy to use too much wax! If you’re unsure it’s best to start with less and you can add more as you go. Remember; the more you add, the more you’ll have to scrape off later!

Then use the iron to smooth out the wax until it covers the entire base surface. Once the base is completely covered, let the board cool down so the wax is no longer able to be spread (10 - 15 minutes). 


Step 3: Store Safely!

For now, your snowboard and/or skis are ready to store for summer! Ensure to still store it in a snowboard/ski bag for protection against other pieces of equipment (avoid sheds/garages which can overheat as this can warp the base), but also to protect other items from its sharp metal edges (if stored in a wardrobe near clothing). 


See our page on How To Wax Your Snowboard for further instructions when it comes to scraping and buffing, also with more helpful tips on picking your wax and tools.