Look after your gear, so it takes care of you.
We wouldn’t expect our ordinary clothes to look so great without a regular wash, yet so many of us expect our outerwear to just keep performing, regardless of what we throw at them!

Treat your outerwear to a thorough cleanse to rejuvenate the materials and increase its performance. A dirty jacket coated with dirt, smoke, body oils, sweat etc can clog the water-repellent coating (think of it as clogged pores), affecting your outerwear's ability to remain waterproof. By washing your items with technical wash you can remove the harmful bacteria and allow your durable water repellency to breath again without damaging it.

A couple tips we recommend when washing your outerwear:
  • Carefully read each wash's product label as some types have different activations. Some performances wash’s will only cleanse the materials back to its original state, and others will apply an additional waterproofing to prolong your garments life. You can also purchase wash’s tailored for feathered down garments, or waterproofing sprays.
  • Carefully read the instructions on the tag of your garment. The manufacturer knows what’s best for the fabric, so refer to the care instructions for the best advice. 
  • If you usually use fabric softeners or biological detergents, run your washing machine through a rinsing cycle to clean it prior to washing your tech gear.
  • Empty all pockets and close all the zippers to protect them from getting damaged during washing.
  • Don’t overload the washing machine. If your garments are bulky, stick to 2-3 items depending on the size of your machine. 
  • Use a gentle spinning cycle, and hanging your item up to dry is best. If this isn’t possible, use a delicate drying cycle on low heat.

We expose our gear to such cold, harsh environments, so it's important we take care of them so they take care of us. We hope this information helps you to increase the longevity of your outerwear! 


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