We are stoked to team up this week with our friends at Burton! Year after year Burton step up their lineup, growing their already massive range to include: Snowboards, Boots, Bindings, Outerwear, Thermals, Apparel, Accessories, Luggage & more! If you're on the hunt for a new board, look no further - Here is the run down on the 2020 Lineup!

Ohhhh and did we mention we are taking 10% off Burton Boards, Outerwear and Accessories this week only!  

Burton Snowboards was founded  by Jake Burton out of his Vermont barn back in 1977, and has dedicated his life to snowboarding ever since. Burton served a pivotal role in growing snowboarding from a backyard hobby to a world-class sport by creating groundbreaking products, supporting the world's best riders, and pushing more resorts to allow snowboarding. 

Read a little more about this family ran company & what they are up to this season!


Known for being one of the initial innovators of the snowboards we know and love today, Burton have kept pace each year pushing innovation on and off the snow. 

Check out the 2020 Mens line up here! 

Peep the Womens line up here!

And lets not forget about the little rippers 

Wood cores are one of the most important materials in snowboards, so Burton fully certified their supply chain to ensure that 100% of their snowboard cores are made from responsibly harvested wood that meets the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC). 

They have a 2020 goal in place to ensure that 100% of their packaging is recyclable or compostable, that 80% is made of post-consumer recycled content, and that all of their packaging is “right-sized”, so that no excess material is ever used.

Snowboard production at their Austrian factory has been working for more than 30 years, and continues to strive for sustainability in its operations. The factory sources most materials within a 250-mile radius, makes their own snowboard cores from FSC™ wood, and then uses scrap wood to heat the factory and presses. They recycle sidewall and base scrap materials, and also recycle the water used in production which reduces water consumption by 50%. The factory even runs on 100% renewable energy. Another Burton factory is installing rooftop solar to power its production.

End of the line

Although Burton work toward creating products to the highest standard of durability they are designing products with end of life solutions in mind. If a product comes back to them, first they aim to repair it. If a replacement is needed, they work to keep everything out of the landfill. At their global headquarters repair center they divert 60-85% of every board from the landfill by down-cycling them into items like beer sample holders for our local breweries, shelving units, and employee name tags. In 2018 they repaired 22% of warranty claims. Now they're aiming to repair 40% by 2020, while implementing new end of life innovations each year.


Leading with innovation & variety Burton ensure there is something for everyone! Male or Female, Hot or cold, tall or short, wet or dry the 2020 Outerwear lineup has you covered! A range of fits, sizes, colours, patterns, and ratings makes this one of the most versatile outerwear ranges yet. Doing their part, Burton use 100% responsibly sourced Down in all insulators and jackets. 

Incorporated into pieces of the outerwear range, Living Lining® reacts to your body heat, accelerating moisture wicking when you're hot and retaining warmth when you're cold, for balanced comfort all day long.


Head to toe Burton? We have all the bells and whistles, Stomp Pads, Thermals, Gloves, Mitts , Liners and Head wear.


With so much product we know better than anyone that finding the right gear can be confusing - That's why our awesome staff are ready to lend a helping hand, so swing by our store today, tomorrow or any day really, we are open 7 days! 

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