MSC has officially opened up the preorder for 2020 Burton Step Ons. Since their release this patented system has continuously been some of the most sought after technology in the snow industry. An unparalleled board to binding connection creates an intuitive riding experience. With a simple step to lock into your binding the simplicity itself is enough to draw many. They've added even more technology and boot options this year including..

Men's Boots:

Ruler- The most affordable of the men's options with a mid flex, for intermediate all mountain riding. With a single boa and all the tech needed this boot will allow you to step up into the Step On world without breaking the bank.

Swath- Complete with a double boa system, and a versatile mid flex this adaptable boot provides lightweight comfort to all mountain freestyle riding. 

Photon- For those who want ride aggressively all over the mountain, in a lightweight and supportive boot. Stiffer with a high end imprint 3 liner for comfort, and a double boa for premium response.

Ion- For the hard chargers who want a stiff boot made to absorb all the aggressive impacts with Rebounce tech. Think top end with precise feel and control.

Women's Boots:

Limelight- Comfortable, versatile, and mid flexing this boot brings Step Ons to all levels of lady shredders. With a single boa for ease, and a women's specific design look no further for the next best step.

Felix- A mid-stiff flexing boot for all mountain riding. Including women's Trufit design, and total comfort construction this is the aggressive female riders top choice for combined performance and comfortability.

Step On Binding:

Men's & Women's - Mid-Flexing for go anywhere do anything riding, with a high back with a zero lean canted design. Featuring the Burton FLAD so you can easily adjust to your desired forward lean, and Re:Flex Baseplates compatible with all mounting systems. No straps and a simple step to get in makes it your quickest day of riding right off the lift.

We recommend pre-ordering these while you can, as these items are guaranteed to sell out so don't miss your chance! They are due to arrive to MSC in November, and feel free to come in store or contact us if you have any questions about this opportunity.


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