2023 Bataleon Snowboards - Available Now!

The 2023 Bataleon Snowboard collection has arrived at MSC. 

We’re hyped to bring our loyal MSC community 25 variations of snowboards in this year's 2023 Bataleon drop! This collection showcases the all-time giants of the all-mountain game such as the Goliath, Whatever, Evil Twin and Cruiser. We have freestyle favorites as well, such as the Distortia and the Disaster - A park rat and rail riders dream board. We couldn’t forget about the powder pleasures as well like the Surfer, Carver, Party Wave, Love Powder and Camel Toe.  

Bataleon’s ‘23 collection delved deep into having perfected the Triple Base Technology™(3BT) and continues to refine its wide range of patented three dimensional profiles and guides a path for other shapers to follow. 

Why 3BT? What are the benefits? 

The answer is that it adapts its shape to the terrain. Triple Base Technology™ embraces the reality of creating a more coherent shape from the get-go. ‘Just as the curved hull of a boat plows through the waves, or the wings of a plane are designed to slice through the air, 3BT™ is perfectly moulded for the mountain environment’. All Bataleon boards feature positive camber from tip to tail, combined with lifted contact points at the widest areas. This reduces the chance of edge catches while keeping the board feeling super dynamic. The future is Triple Base! 

Another major talking point for these snowboards are the graphics - Aesthetic stunners! You will NOT be missed on the slopes riding a Storm, Thunder, Wallie, Evil Twin and the plenty of other showstoppers Bataleon has to offer. 

Hit the link to shop the full range & check them out for yourself. All of these snowboards are in-stock and ready to ship and/or buy in-store right now, plus free shipping Australia-wide. 

What are you waiting for? 



Bataleon Wallie snowboard


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