2020 is introducing Nitro's best boot lineup yet! Let's check out the mainstays and the new features..


Monarch TLS - comfortable, versatile, and a soft mid flex makes this a ladies best introduction into Nitro boots. Easy to get in, and easy to get better in.

Crown TLS - with special tech specifically made for women's comfort, including cloud 6 liner these will make you feel like you're riding on clouds. Mid flexing, and will support you no matter what part of the mountain is your favourite to shred.

Cypress Dual Boa - they've heard your demands, and the first Boa System boots have been added this year! With a double boa system for supreme heal hold and convenience. A mid to stiff flex this will work hard with you all day to charge wherever you'd like to take it. 


Thunder TLS - for all you fellas who are looking to take skate to snow, this is the mens version of a skate shoe in a snowboard boot. Simplistic, lightweight, but with freestyle focused flex with enough support to take a beating in the park. 

Anthem TLS - packed with tech at a still affordable price. Mid stiff, responsive, and with reinforced panels around the heal for hold & durability. This boot will go anywhere and do anything for you all day long.

Venture TLS - made to last for the venturer. Durable quality, cloud 6 liner, and mid stiff flex make this the back country/ all mountain riders dream. 

Team TLS or Standard - the team and our choice for best all around boot. Stiff enough to charge anything, but responsive enough to jib and play with in the park. This year's team comes with a lighter midsole & a grippier outsole, cloud 9 lining, and air suspension dampening features.

Select - A boot fit for a king, like the man Marcus Kleveland who rides in these himself. Top of the line tech, meaning the highest of performance and premium response. Can withstand the test of the most aggressive riders.