Kicking off our new arrivals season, we're stoked to welcome all new 2019 Bent Metal Bindings to the shelves! This is only the 3rd time we've had Bent Metal here at MSC, so we've compiled all the information you need to pick the perfect pair! Alongside the bindings themselves, Bent Metal offers three uniquely constructed drive plates, each manufactured at Mervin MFG, USA. With three unique constructions comes three unique performance rides, so you can really get the most out of your binding.



The Joint is all new for 2019, coming in with ridiculous performance for the price. Featuring Bent Metals standard of high performance components along with a Mervin Made Drive Plate that allows you to control the flex of your binding, the Joint will take you wherever you want to go without blowing a hole in your pocket.


The Logic binding pairs the perfect all mountain flex with a responsive yet forgiving nylon highback formula, creating a fluid connection between your board and the mountain. Even though this is one of the most modestly priced bindings from Bent Metal, it's the choice of Sean Genovese as his all mountain freestyle binding due to its versatile flex and freedom of movement that allows you to tweak your grabs to the max while still having good response from your board.


The Solution is made for aggressive riders looking to tackle challenging terrain, providing lightweight, premium response for really pushing the limits. Containing carbon fibre in both the highback and drive plate, along with a brand new Solution-exclusive precision ankle strap, the Solution gives you lightweight comfort and the quickest and most powerful edge to edge response in the Bent Metal range.


The Transfer is the most versatile binding in the Bent Metal range, and the choice of pro riders Jamie Lynn and Forest Bailey (who each have their own colourway). The medium flexing highback paired with the responsive magnesium fibre drive plate makes for the perfect all terrain combination, and gives you precision control and response wherever you want to take it.


For the girls! The Upshot is the complete Bent Metal package for female riders. Made with a mid-soft flexing urethane highback for a nice mixture of freedom and response, plus a calcium bi-ax drive plate for lively response and a luxurious ride, the Upshot can perform all over the mountain, and damn it looks good doing it.

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