Rip Curl Rider Parker Jacket 2024

Colour: Light Brown
Size: X-Small Size Chart

Size Chart for Women's Snowboard Jackets

Please use this chart to help find the right size snow outerwear before you buy. Be aware that this is only a guide and each model of jacket or pant will fit slightly differently. This data is collected direct from the brands and unfortunately Melbourne Snowboard Centre cannot be held responsible for specific outerwear not meeting the measurements on these charts. If you buy a jacket and it doesn't fit we are happy to exchange you for another size. See our return and exchange policy here.

Most measurements are for 3 areas of your body, Chest, Waist and Inseam. To measure your Chest wrap a measuring tape around your upper body, under your armpits and over the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades and note where it overlaps. To measure your Waist bend to one side and find the natural crease of your waistline, wrap a measuring tape around this section and note where it overlaps. To measure your Inseam take a pair of your best fitting pants and measure along the inside of the leg from crotch to the hem at the bottom. Good luck!

Jacket Sizes Chest Arm Waist Length
XS 81cm 80cm 64cm 70cm
S 86cm 83cm 69cm 72cm
M 91cm 86cm 74cm 74cm
L 97cm 88cm 79cm 75cm
XL 102cm 91cm 81cm 76cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Back Length Sleeve
4XS 99cm 64cm 83cm
3XS 104cm 66cm
2XS 109cm
XS 114cm
S 119cm 74cm 91cm
M 125cm
L 130cm
XL 135cm
XXL 140cm 83cm 98cm
3XL 145cm 85cm 100cm
4XL 150cm 88cm 102cm
5XL 155cm 90cm
6XL 160cm 93cm 106cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Waist Arm
XS 81-86cm 69-74cm 81.5cm
S 86-93cm 74-79cm 81.5-82cm
M 93-99cm 79-84cm 82.5-84cm
L 99-104cm 84-89cm 84-84.5cm
XL 104-109cm 89-94cm 84.5-85.5cm
XXL 109-117cm 94-102cm 85.5-86.5cm
3XL 117-127cm 102-112cm 86.5-88.5cm
Jacket Sizes General Size Chest Waist Hip
XS 0-2 81-84cm 61-66cm 86-94cm
S 4-6 86-89cm 66-71cm 91-97cm
M 8-10 91-97cm 71-76cm 99-104cm
L 12-14 99-104cm 76-84cm 107-112cm
XL 16-18 107-112cm 84-91cm 114-119cm
1X 16W-18W 114-119cm 91-97cm 117-122cm
2X 20W-22W 122-127cm 102-107cm 124-132cm
3X 24W-26W 130-135cm 112-117cm 135-142cm
4X 28W-30W 137-142cm 122-127cm 145-150cm
Jacket Sizes Height Chest Waist Hips
XS 157-162cm 80-84cm 60-64cm 84-88cm
S 162-168cm 84-88cm 64-68cm 88-92cm
M 168-173cm 88-92cm 68-72cm 92-96cm
L 173-178cm 92-96cm 72-76cm 96-100cm
XL 178-183cm 96-100cm 76-80cm 100-104cm
Jacket Sizes Numeric Size Arm Chest Waist Hips
XXS 00 76.5cm 74-79cm 56-61cm 81-86cm
XS 0-2 77cm 79-84cm 61-66cm 86-91cm
S 4-6 77.5-78cm 84-89cm 66-71cm 91-97cm
M 8-10 78cm 89-94cm 71-76cm 97-102cm
L 12-14 78-78.5cm 94-100cm 76-84cm 102-108cm
XL 16 79cm 100-108cm 84-94cm 108-116cm
XXL 18 79.5cm 108-116cm 94-104cm 116-123cm
3XL 20 80cm 116-126cm 104-114cm 123-133cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Waist Sleeve
6 97cm 91cm 81cm
8 102cm 97cm 83cm
10 107cm 102cm 84cm
12 112cm 107cm 85cm
14 117cm 112cm 86cm
16 122cm 117cm 88cm
18 127cm 122cm 89cm
20 132cm 127cm 89cm
22 137cm 132cm 89cm
24 142cm 137cm 89cm
26 147cm 142cm 89cm
28 155cm 150cm 89cm
Jacket Sizes Height Chest Sleeve Waist Hip
XS 165-168cm 81-85cm 57cm 64-66cm 85cm
S 168-170cm 85-89cm 58cm 67-71cm 89-93cm
M 170-172cm 89-93cm 59cm 71-75cm 93-97cm
L 172-174cm 93-97cm 60cm 75-80cm 97-102cm
174-176cm 99-107cm 62cm 80-88cm 102-109cm
Jacket Sizes Height Chest Waist
XS 168-171cm
S 173-176cm 91-95cm 79-83cm
M 178-181cm
L 183-186cm
XL 188-193cm
XXL 195cm 111-115cm 99-103cm
3XL 196cm 116-120cm 104-108cm
4XL 197cm 121-125cm 109-113cm
5XL 198cm 126-130cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Waist
XS 79-84cm 58-64cm
S 84-89cm 64-69cm
M 89-94cm 69-74cm
L 94-99cm 74-79cm
XL 99-104cm 79-84cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Waist
XS 80-84cm 60-64cm
S 85-89cm 65-69cm
M 90-94cm 70-74cm
L 95-99cm 75-79cm
XL 100-104cm 80-84cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Hips
XS 100cm 93cm
XXL 130cm 123cm
3XL 136cm 129cm
Jacket Sizes Chest
XS 79-81cm
S 82-86cm
M 87-91cm
L 92-95cm
XL 96-99cm
Jacket Sizes Height Chest Waist
XXS 155-157cm 75-77.5cm 57-60cm
XS 160-163cm 80-82.5cm 62.5-65cm
S 165-168cm 85-87.5cm 67.5-70cm
M 170-173cm 90-92.5cm 72.5-75cm
L 175-178cm 95-97.5cm 77.5-80cm
XL 180-183cm 100-103cm 82.5-85cm
XXL 185-187cm 105-108cm 87.5-90cm
Jacket Sizes Waist Chest Hip
XXS (6) 60cm 82cm 86cm
XS (8) 65cm 85cm 91cm
S (10) 70cm 88cm 96cm
M (12) 75cm 93cm 101cm
L (14) 80cm 98cm 106cm
XL (16) 85cm 103cm 111cm
XXL (18) 90cm 109cm 116cm
3XL (20) 95cm 114cm 121cm
4XL (22) 100cm 119cm 126cm
5XL (24) 105cm 124cm 131cm
6XL (26) 110cm 125cm 136cm
Jacket Sizes Height Chest Sleeve Length Waist
XXS (4) 164-166cm 77-81cm 56cm 58-62cm
XS (6) 166-168cm 81-85cm 57cm 62-66cm
S (8) 168-170cm 85-89cm 58cm 66-70cm
M (10) 170-172cm 89-93cm 59cm 70-74cm
L (12) 172-174cm 94-98cm 60cm 75-79cm
XL (14) 174-176cm 99-105cm 61cm 80-86cm
XXL (16) 176-178cm 106-112cm 62cm 87-93cm
Jacket Sizes Approx. Size Height Chest Arm Length
XS 2-4 152-158cm 48cm 74cm 72cm
4-6 155-163cm
76cm 75cm
6-8 163cm-170cm
79cm 78cm
8-10 165-175cm
81cm 80cm
10-12 173-183cm
84cm 83cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Waist
XS 84-86cm 58-61cm
S 86-91cm 64-69cm
M 91-97cm 69-74cm
L 99-104cm 76-81cm
XL 107-112cm
Jacket Sizes Chest Waist Sleeve
XSS 76-78cm 58-62cm 73-76cm
XS 78-80cm 63-66cm 77-78cm
S 81-86cm 67-70cm 78-80cm
M 87-91cm 71-74cm 80-82cm
L 92-96cm 75-78cm 82-84cm
XL 97-100cm 79-82cm 82-84cm
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We are confident in our products and our sales staff to make sure that you get the best help and gear that are most suitable for your adventures.

We are a local, independently owned store and do not offer ‘change of mind’ refunds (this includes incorrect sizing), however we're happy to offer you a store credit or exchange subject to the following conditions:

    • Returned within 30 days from the date of purchase (or date of delivery for online orders). 
    • Proof of purchase included
    • The item/s must be sent back in the condition you received it and with the original box and/or packaging in resalable condition, including manufacturer tags where applicable. It is the customers responsibility to ensure all returned items are delivered to Melbourne Snowboard Centre in their original condition. 
    • We cannot offer returns on any Facemasks, Neckwarmers, Socks or Chains due to hygiene and the nature of their use.

Store credits, lasting up to 3 years, will be issued for the amount paid at time of purchase for the particular item being returned. They are issued via email in which you'll receive a 13 digit code that you can use at checkout online or in store.

Unfortunately stock levels vary and we are not able to stock all products in all sizes, which may result in your desired exchange product or size not being available. In the event that your desired exchange product is not in stock, a store credit will be issued. 

Should you not want a credit or exchange, in extenuating circumstances Melbourne Snowboard Centre may issue a refund minus a 20% restocking fee. 

For full information and instructions on how to return, please click here to view our returns policy.

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