Smokin Lane Knaack 2017

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The Smokin Lane Knaack is a self titled pro model, designed and built by the man himself. What he came up with, is a true twin freestyle weapon, with a mostly camber profile that flattens out between the feet. Ride regular or switch, and experience top of the line edge hold and stability. Lane always designs his boards to accommodate his above average sized feet, so if you're like him, this is the perfect board for you. As with all Smokin boards, you get a 6K sintered base, VDFLU strength, three stage dampening and a three year warranty, so you get yourself a sustainable, smooth ride. And in the words of Lane, "Be good and shred to death".

Our staff member Alex used to build the boards in the factory and knows first hand how freaking amazing these things are. Just ask him!

Key Features

Board Type: All Mountain

Camber Type: TTX (We call it Hybrid Camber)

TTX is a combination of positive and reverse camber, which is more positive than reverse.This particular camber profile is mainly cambered, but has a slightly rockered hinge between the feet. This allows the rider to have greater edge control and stability, while still maintaining a tonne of playfulness.

Flex: Medium (5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Best for the intermediate to advance rider, who wants a board that will handle aggressive, all-mountain free-riding, but can also be playful in the park.

Shape: True Twin

Ride regular, switch or upside down and you are in for a good time. If you were to fold this board in half, you would find perfect symmetry from tip to tail. Jib, spin and stomp with confidence and unmatched balance.

Core: Jib Flex Core

Made entirely from sustainable Aspen Wood, Jib flex is the softest core available in the Smokin range. A super pressable feel that gets it done when riding rails or buttering, but still packs a tonne of pop for all mountain riding.

Edges: Magne-Traction

7 points of contact for unmatched edge hold on hard-pack and ice. Every Smokin board uses Magne-Traction because it freakin works!

Base: Sintered 6000

Smokin uses Sintered 6000 bases which are 1/3 thicker than the industry standard! Experience lightning fast speed, durability, and lasting performance.

Extra Features:

VDFLU: Variable Density Fiberglass Layup, will take the heaviest of beatings, flattest landings and anything else you can throw at it. More fiberglass is added to the tip and tails for a board that is 1.54 times stronger than before.
Three Stage Dampening: This means there are three separate levels of dampening along the entire edge of the board. You want smooth? You got it!
PoP Gnarley: Get more pop out of boards that are easier to press. Forget Carbon fiber, Smokin will get you higher with Hemp. Specifically 2 Xs of hemp stringer in the nose and tail for more pop.
Board Lengths: 153cm, 157cm
Stance Set Back: 0mm
Waist Width:
(153cm) 256mm
(157cm) 258mm
Recommended Rider Weight:
(153cm) 68-91kg
(157cm) 77-100kg
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