Salomon Ultimate Ride 2021 *PREORDER*

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The 2021 Salomon Ultimate Ride is the ultimate ride by name and by nature. Designed by Bode Merill to be his quiver killer, the Ultimate Ride is an aggressive do-everything freestyle snowboard that caters to every possible type of snowboarding. It destroys powder, carves up the groomers, sends it off jumps, and even locks down street rails like it was a pure park board. The special nose and tail shape give you extra float in powder, but the shape is twin-like so you can ride it switch and you'll never notice a difference on edge. Taking out the Best Tranny Board award and the coveted Best Overall Board award in the Snowboard Magazine Black Board Experiment, the Ultimate Ride is the perfect board for any aggressive rider, regardless of where they ride. If you pick up the Ultimate Ride though, it'd be rude not to ride it everywhere. 


This board is scheduled for delivery to Melbourne Snowboard Centre in June 2020. This is an estimated delivery window and is subject to change. You will be notified via email once your board is ready to be collected in store, or once it has been shipped (if being shipped).

Key Features

Rider Level: Advanced

Board Type: All Mountain Freeride / Park and Freestyle

Camber Type: Quad Camber

A mostly traditional camber profile with exaggerated camber underfoot leading into small rocker zones at the contact points. This gives you extra pop with less catch.

Flex: Responsive

A stiff flex for powerful riding and strong stability. 

 Playfulness Precision Responsiveness/Pop Floatation
4/6 6/6 6/6 3/6

Tapered Twin

This board rides like a true twin but has a floatier nose and tapered tail for the performance of a powder board, with the freestyle abilities of a twin.

Quadralizer Sidecut The Quadralizer sidecut takes Salomons signature straight line Equalizer sidecut and makes it quadratic, which enhances edge grip, agility, and allows you to perform both big arcing carves and tight aggressive turns.  

Core: Ghost Green Core

The Ghost Green Core consists of specially selected components designed for maximum pop and minimum weight, in addition to sustainable Paulownia wood for further weight reduction. 

Triax/BA MD Glass - Triaxial Fibreglass that increases durability and stability, plus Medium Density fibreglass that guarantees consistent quality and light, lively performance.

Ghost Carbon Beam - Two carbon beams inserted the tip and tail of the board provide maximum pop for powerful ollies and increased stability at speed.  

Popster - Pop meets performance. Popster shapes the woodcore profile with strategically placed variations of thickness, providing skate-influenced snap and pop.

Base: Sintered EG

High speed and good wax retention, so you can go faster for longer. The Sintered EG base has an Electra finish for turbocharged glide and Gallium for extra impact resistance.

Area 51 - Area 51 is a sintered base laced with a super secret wax formula and a specially engineered factory finish for long lasting speed and durability.

Mounting Pattern: 2x4 Inserts

Additional Features:

Gunslinger Sidewalls - Carbon inlays run the entire length of the board in the sidewalls, reducing chatter and increasing response.

All Mountain Edge Bevel - Pre-tuned edges for strong edge hold with less catch.




Size (cm) Waist Width (mm) Stance Set Back (mm) Nose/Tail Width (mm) Effective Edge (mm)

Recommended Rider Weight (kg)

153 258 15 302/297 1145 55-75
155 260
306/301 1160 55-85
158 263
309/303 1180 65-90
161 266
312/306 1205 70-105
164 269
314/308 1230 75-110+


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