Salomon Oh Yeah 2017

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The Salomon Oh Yeah has all that and more, but without the price tag to match. Built for freestyle performance, this board has a playful soft flex, catch free profiling, and all the pop you need to tear it up in the park, or on the mountain. Grab your besties and get sliding with one of the happiest decks on the market. Plus, year after year, Salomon deliver the goods when it comes to graphics and this is no exception.

Key Features

Camber Type: Rock Out Camber (We call it Hybrid Camber)

Take everything you love about different camber profiles, and cram them all into one, for the best of the best camber profile around. Flat between the bindings for stability, positive camber under the feet for response, and rocker in the tip and tail for a pressable, catch free ride. Boom!

Flex: 3/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A nice soft flex for easy jibbing and all mountain playfulness!

Core: Easy Press Core

Easy Press Core manhandles rails and ledges with a softer flex that won't buckle under the pressure. Press your board to the max without stacking up a pile of snapped decks.

Aspen Strong: CNC-selected high-density FSC certified wood strips through the inserts and rail zones for improved impact resistance, and predictable flex, all season long.

Edges: EQ RAD

A blend of flat geometric angles and radial curves along the edge of the board. This creates additional contact points for better grip on ice, and cuts sharply through hardpack like a dream. Works and looks very similar to Lib-Tech's Magne-Traction.

Base: Extruded

Fast, durable and holds wax really well. Extruded bases are super easy to care for, and maintain speed for long periods of time.

Additional Features:

Popster: A shaped core profile, that makes the connection between the snap of your skateboard, and the snap of your snowboard.
Bite Free Edges: Fully de-tuned tip, tail and edges for a catch free ride, straight out of the box.


Board Lengths: 138cm, 143cm, 147cm

Stance Set back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(138cm) 238mm
(143cm) 240mm
(147cm) 242mm

Recommended Rider Weight:
(138cm) 40kg-60kg
(143cm) 43kg-65kg
(147cm) 45kg-70kg

Need a different size? Just ask us!

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