Roxy XOXO Flower 2017

Size Chart
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The Roxy XOXO encourages progression and creativity, with precision turning, dreamy float, and playful flex. Initially designed by Torah Bright to be her everyday, all-mountain shred stick, this board has some pretty trusty positive feedback behind it, and we are big fans too. With the easy twin shape and BT+ rocker, you will see your freestyle skills improving with each and every turn. With a blunter tip and tail, and lightweight wood core, the board rips in the park, but can definitely shred in powder too. Strap in and enjoy the ride on Torahs' very own progression-session!

Key Features

Camber: BT+

A reverse banana camber with a little extra boost! As this board has a pretty soft flex, the addition of extra camber enhances pop and makes it a weapon in the park.

Flex: 3/10 Soft/Medium (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex- Get your switch on with a twin flexing board. With the flex in the tail being an exact reflection of the flex in the tip, you will get so good you'll forget if you're a goofy or regular rider! Soft to medium profiling is super fun and playful, allowing you, jump and slash all over the mountain and in the park.

Shape: Twin

Ride regular, switch or upside down and you are in for a good time. If you were to fold this board in half, you would find perfect symmetry from tip to tail. Jib, spin and stomp with confidence and unmatched balance.

Core: Kind Hearted

A soft and forgiving wood core. Biaxial laminates provide a forgiving and easy going flex pattern.

Base: TNT Combo

This base is dynamite! A secret formula of dual fluoro layers, which are super fast on snow and easy to look after.


Board Lengths: 142cm, 145cm, 148cm

Stance Set back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(142cm) 237mm
(145cm) 241mm
(149cm) 242mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(142cm) 35kg-60kg
(145cm) 37kg-70kg
(149cm) 40kg-80kg
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