Roxy Torah 2017

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The Roxy Torah Bright is made for the ladies with big dreams and bright futures. It is also the pro model Torah took to the podium in both the 2008 and 2012 olympic games, and that has to count for something. This high-performance powerhouse will take your skills to the next level, and can take on any terrain you put in its path. With reverse camber between the feet, and positive camber in the nose and tail, you can enjoy a stable, controlled, and powerful ride. Add Magne-Traction edges for premium edge hold and we can see why this is Torahs deck of choice.

Key Features

Camber: XC2 (Moustache Camber)

Exaggerated and shortened reverse camber between the bindings allow for longer traditional camber from the under the feet out to the contact points. This gives a confident edge hold and excellent board control while still reaping the benefits of reverse camber.

Flex: 7/10 Medium (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex- Get your switch on with a twin flexing board. With the flex in the tail being an exact reflection of the flex in the tip, you will get so good you'll forget if you're a goofy or regular rider! A stiffer/medium profiling allows you to take on the whole mountain with speed and confidence, yet is still soft enough to progress your skills.

Shape: Twin

Ride regular, switch or upside down and you are in for a good time. If you were to fold this board in half, you would find perfect symmetry from tip to tail. Jib, spin and stomp with confidence and unmatched balance.

Core: Light Hearted

Ultra light and strong with a lively and snappy feel. Triaxial fiberglass provides an enhanced torsional response. Vectran polymer has an impressive strength to weight ratio and provides outstanding dampening and vibration control.

Edges: Magne-Traction

Experience greater edge-hold in icy and hard-pack snow conditions, thanks to seven contact point magne-traction edges. With strategically placed serrations, your edges cut through the snow with ease, and in turn, build confidence and reduce fatigue. 

Base: Sintered 9900

Super fast, ultra durable and highly porous for better wax absorption.


Board Lengths: 146cm, 149cm, 152cm

Stance Set back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(146cm) 239mm
(149cm) 239mm
(152cm) 239cm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(146cm) 40kg-80kg
(149cm) 45kg-85kg
(152cm) 50kg-90kg
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