Roxy Cascade Collar 2018

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The Roxy Cascade Collar will not only keep the cold out, but it will also keep the moisure in your skin with the new and innovative BIOTHERM fabric.
With half and half fleece top and lycra bottom to keep the bulk to a minimum and comfort to the max.

Key Features

BIOTHERM: You will see this around a lot in the 2018 Roxy range. Roxy has teamed up with skin care experts Biotherm and incorporated it into there outerwear and neck warmers. Freezing temperatures can damage and dry out our skin, especially the face and neck. By infusing microscopic moisture particles into the fabric that break when rubbed against the skin, skin stays moisturised and supple. With a lifespan of 15 washes BIOTHERM will last most of the life of your garment. Enjoy.