Ride Wild Life 2018

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The Ride Wild Life is scary. Scary good, that is. Ride have taken one of their most popular all mountain boards and given it a fresh feel, with a brand new camber shape and a truly wild graphic range from in-house artist Robin Bankz. Taking graphical inspiration from heavy metal and horror movies, the Wild Life is a nightmare that rides like a dream thanks to its forgiving flex and directional camber shape, giving you surreal float in powder and unearthly response on groomers. Each time you step on the Wild Life you'll summon the snow gods to look down upon you, so even with this horror inspired graphic the only thing that'll spook you is how easy it is to ride.

Key Features

Board Type: All mountain

Camber Type: Directional Hybrid Camber

Rides Directional Hybrid Camber is an ideal blend of both camber and rocker. Rocker in the nose makes the board want to float and charge through powder, while camber underfoot provides control and pop for hard turns and powerful ollies.

Flex: 4/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great mellow flex that can hit jumps, press rails and ride all over the mountain.

Shape: Directional

A slight setback stance along with the directional hybrid camber and slight tapering makes this board best when riding forward, but can still ride switch when you want to.

Core: Performance Core

Sustainable Aspen wood combined with Bamboo and Paulownia for a snappy lightweight board that balances weight and strength perfectly.

Base: Sintered

The fastest material on snow. Absorbs wax and is easy to repair.

Additional Features:

Slimewalls: A RIDE exclusive, incorporating Urethane sidewall technology to absorb impact and make for a smoother ride. These are also the most durable sidewalls in snowboarding, meaning you can really thrash them, and they will hold their own.

Roll In Slimewalls: Fiberglass structures that surround the built in Slimewalls to increase durability, including top sheet chipping, and keep the weight down.

Carbon Array 3 Laminates: 3 Widespread carbon stringers gather rider input, which is channelled through to the opposite contact point for maximum board control. Basically, it distributes power throughout the board for a steady ride, no matter how you set up your stance.

Hybrid Glass: A combination of Triaxal and Biaxal give the perfect degree of flex and stiffness. The result is a board that better handles speed.


Board Lengths: 151cm, 154cm, 157cm, 160cm, 163cm

Stance Set Back: 19mm

Waist Width:

(151cm) 250mm
(154cm) 251mm
(157cm) 252mm
(160cm) 253mm
(163cm) 254mm

RecommendedRider Weight:

(151cm) 45-68kg
(154cm) 57-80kg
(157cm) 59-82kg
(160cm) 64-86kg
(163cm) 73-95kg
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