Remind Medic Insole

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The Remind Medic Insole is your best bet for having supportive, comfy boots. When you're snowboarding you're going to want the best support, cushion, and comfort for your feet, and sometime boot insoles just don't cut it. That's why we recommend replacing your boots insole with one of these, you may not feel the benefits instantly, but your body will thank you after a long day of riding with less joint pain and less fatigue.

The Medic is constructed with a biomechanically engineered shape that helps to correctly align your foot and ankle joints, alleviate stress, evenly distribute weight, and absorb heavy impacts. Top and bottom impact absorbing layers sandwich a durable self-forming therapeutic foam that ensures high performance, durability, and comfort.

Key Features

  • Mid-High arch support
  • 5.5mm thick
  • Mid width
  • High rigidity
  • Custom forming
  • Anti-microbial
  • 4-layer technology
  • Sizes are in US Mens