Oakley Flight Deck XM PRIZM 2018

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The Oakley Flight Deck XM was introduced in the 2016 season, and has quickly become one of Oakleys most popular goggles. It has a very similar shape to the regular Flight Deck but fits slightly smaller, making it perfect for anyone who has a smaller face or would rather avoid the oversized fighter pilot look. That doesn't mean that these goggles are small. Most of the Oakley Men's team rides in the XM now and when comparing the XM to the regular the only real noticeable difference in size is the height from top to bottom which is around 0.5cm difference. Just like the Flight Decks, these are over the glasses ready so if you forget your contacts or need to wear glasses at all times these goggles will be perfect for you.

Key Features

  • Optically correct rimless lens design with F3 Anti-fog coating
  • Discreet frame notches at the temple for compatibility with most RX eyewear frames
  • Lens sub-frame attachment for fast and easy lens changing
  • Injection Molded Polycarbonate under extreme pressure to create a precise contour of optically correct geometry
  • Rigid lens carrier with flexible O Matter faceplate
  • Fits most helmets
  • Click here to find out more about the difference in lens colours from each brand.