Nitro Sweet Leaf 2018

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The 2018 Nitro Sweet Leaf is a powder hunter with a flair for all-mountain riding. The Sweet Leafs all-mountain twin shape along with a bunch of smooth, floaty tech provide effortless float in powder, powerful turns, and a surfy yet responsive feeling for groomers as well. One look at the nose and tail will make you think powder, but many riders are ditching that idea and using this board every day regardless of the conditions, and having a blast doing so. Maybe it's the Cam-Out camber that balances flex and response to a perfect level, or the Dual Degressive sidecut that basically turns itself. In reality it's this, and a whole lot more, that makes the Sweet Leaf a great choice when you don't know what to choose.

Key Features

Board Type: All-mountain powder perfection

Camber Type: Cam-Out Camber

Cam-out camber is basically positive camber with earlier and smoother transition zones in the tip and tail. This gives the board a lower rise in the centre, resulting in a fun and responsive ride with easier turn initiation and more forgiveness, giving you the benefits of camber without the aggression.

Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

This is Nitro's most versatile all-terrain flex pattern, combining great pop and smooth response.

Shape: All-mountain Twin

Exactly the same whether you're riding switch or regular, this allows you to push your switch riding and land comfortably regardless of which way you're facing.

Core: PowerCore ll

A performance driven core with tip to tail Poplar wood and additional Beech Wood stringers. The result: Unmatched strength, smooth response, and a tonne of snap.

Reflex Core Profile

A thinner core between the bindings increases torsional flex, enhancing maneuverability and making turns easier and more controlled.

Base: Sintered Speed Formula HD Base

A new base material compound that is fast, absorbent and super resistant to abrasions.

Additional Features:

Tri-Lite Laminate - An ideal blend of flex and torsion control, Nitro's Tri-Lite laminates have fibres running in 3 directions, enhancing power and control across the board.

Dual Degressive Sidecut - A smaller radius sidecut in the centre along with two larger ones in the tip and tail make it feel loose, playful, and the most forgiving sidecut in the Nitro range.


Board Lengths: 142cm, 145cm, 148cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(142cm) 232mm

(145cm) 234mm

(148cm) 236mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(142cm) 40-60kg

(145cm) 45-65kg

(148cm) 50-70kg

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