Never Summer Funslinger X 2018

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The 2018 Never Summer Funslinger carries on the legacy of what some people are calling the funnest freestyle board in the world. As the name suggests, this thing absolutely throws the good times around, and is designed to be thrown around itself. The Funslinger is a soft and snappy board that thrives in the park, and we can forgive you for thinking this is a pure rail board because of the soft flex, but it performs surprisingly well on jumps and transition as well thanks to the Never Summer signature hybrid Ripsaw Rocker Camber, Vario Power Grip Edges, and asymmetrical shape which bump up the stability and edge hold way above what you'd expect from a board this playful. This hybrid camber enhances performance in powder and on groomers as well, so there isn't much this board can't do.

This is the wide version of the Funslinger, built for the guys with boot size 11 and up.

*Base colours are random.

Key Features

Board Type: Freestyle

Camber: Ripsaw Rocker Camber (Moustache Camber)

Never Summers signature hybrid camber, featuring rocker between your feet, camber underfoot towards the tips, and extended transition areas from the end of the camber to where the tips start to rise. This puts less pressure over your contact points making it harder to catch edges, but still keeps the response and stability of traditional camber. The rocker zone between your feet adds flex and playfulness, so you're getting the best of both worlds here.

Flex: 2/10 Stiff (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex - This board has an identical flex pattern from nose to tail, so you can ride it switch or regular and it'll perform exactly the same both ways.

Shape: Asymmetrical Twin

A true twin shape with an asymmetrical sidecut, this board will ride the same switch and regular, but has a designated toe and heel edge, which means you'll get more power and control in your turns without even noticing. Our bodies aren't the same front to back, so why should our snowboards be?

Core: Boost Flex Core

The Boost Flex Core is built slimmer than a regular core for an ultralight, yet solid feel. This also provides a more consistent flex across the length of the board, resulting in impressive pop.

Edges: Vario Power Grip

The Vario Power Grip sidecut utilizes multiple edge contact points, allowing the board to track straight and not catch while still providing maximum edge hold.

Base: Durasurf Sintered 4501

A base material made exclusively for Never Summer, featuring a high density construction that provides extreme speed and lasting durability.

Extra Features:

Matte Topsheet - Enhances grip, plus it just looks really cool.

Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilisers - Forget about understanding the name of this tech, all you need to know is that these are put under the inserts to provide optimum vibration absorption and increase stability at speed.

Low Profile Tip and Tail - A lower profile in the tips and tail maximises snow contact for more powerful ollies and nollies and added landing stability. This also reduces the plowing effect in the nose, making you glide smoother and faster and float better in powder.

Harmonic Tip Tail Dampers - Dampers in the tip and tail reduce vibrations and make this board incredibly smooth, stable, and confident at speed and in hard landings, without reducing the liveliness of the board.

FDS Damping - A freestyle-specific damping system, designed to smooth out chatter and absorb hand landings while retaining a light and snappy feel.


Board Lengths: 154cm Wide, 157cm Wide, 160cm Wide

Stance Set back: 0mm (centred)

Waist Width:

(154cm Wide) 258mm
(157cm Wide) 262mm
(160cm Wide) 264mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(154cm Wide) 62kg-90kg
(157cm Wide) 68kg-100kg
(160cm Wide) 72kg-105kg
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