Lib-Tech Gold Member 2018

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The 2018 Lib-Tech Gold Member was a go-to board for Travis Rice in The Fourth Phase, so from watching that movie you can understand the kind of performance this board provides. One of the worlds best riders demands the best boards, and the Gold Member delivers with incredibly light and strong Firepower construction, low swing weight tip and tail, an aggressive middle ground camber profile, and eco-friendly materials. Even if you're not riding the steepest chutes, biggest mountains, and doing the hardest tricks, the Gold Member is a board that will perform better than anything you've ever ridden before.

Key Features

Board Type: Powder and groomers

Camber Type: C2x

Shortened rocker between your feet with lengthened camber to the tip and tail gives you power and pop on groomers and in the park along with float and freedom to charge through powder. More loaded pressure in the tip and tail than regular C2 for a more aggressive and stable ride.

Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape: Directional

This board has a pointed nose, setback stance and notch tail for enhanced float in powder and control on groomers while still being able to ride switch comfortably.

Core: FP - Firepower

Lighter, environmentally nicest, smoothest. Combines Balsa Paulownia, Aspen and Columbian Gold with Basalt Fibre, biaxial and triaxial glass alloy. This core is crazy light, strong, and smooth.

Base: TNT (Extruded Sintered Mix)

A fast and low maintenance base that is dual layered which can handle not being waxed for a while if you get lazy.

Additional Features:

  • Bio Beans Topsheet - A bio-plastic made from beans. Good for your board, and good for the environment.
  • Magnetraction - 7 strategically placed serrations along the edges of the board grip onto the snow and hold a strong edge in any condition.
  • Spin-Slim Tip and Tail - Reduced thickness in the tip and tail reduce swing weight, giving you quicker spins and a lighter board.


Board Lengths: 155cm, 159cm, 163cm

Stance Set Back: 19mm

Waist Width:

(155cm) 258mm

(159cm) 258mm

(163cm) 264mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(155cm) 60-90kg

(159cm) 70-100kg

(163cm) 80-110kg

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