K2 Happy Hour 2018

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The K2 Happy Hour is a favourite amongst pros like Danny Larsen and Tim Eddy and we can see why. Whether you spend your days lapping the park or ripping the entire hill, you are going to love the amount of pop and versatility you can get out of this board. The unique shape also makes it super easy to nail that nose or tail grab and personally, we think it looks sweet. This board also has some pretty rad features including the Lifted Baseline and central Ollie Bar which in short, increases pop and ensures effortless precision riding. Everyone loves a happy hour!

Key Features

Board Type: Freestyle

Camber Type:

Tweekend Blended Rocker: K2 has tweaked their own baseline technology to give a bigger and more stable rideable surface.

Precision Baseline: Flat contact points in the boards tip and tail increase responsiveness and enhance stability. The pressure you exert while riding is spread evenly across the flat zone for a feather-light feel and tight handling.

Flex: 7/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great Medium to Stiff flex that can hit big jumps, press rails and ride all over the mountain.

Shape: Twin

Built for multi directional riding, spinning and jibbing. Ride it forwards, backwards or upside down.

Core: WH3

Similar to the W2, three different species of wood are strategically arranged to optimise strength, limit weight, and ensure dampening without the use of excess materials. The key difference between the W2 and WH3 is the addition of two Honeykomb material panels between the bindings and the rails.

Base: 4000 Sintered

The fastest natural base material on snow. You will get that fresh wax feeling for longer with exceptional durability, absorbency and hold.

Additional Features:

Ollie-Bar: A new technology designed to give rocker boards the same amount of pop that cambered boards have. A combination of carbon, kevlar and urethane are positioned in the centre of the board between the binding inserts for maximum pressing power.


Board Lengths: 154cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm

Waist Width:

(154cm) 249mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(154cm) 60-85kg

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