Jones Hovercraft 2018

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The 2018 Jones Hovercraft is on our shortlist for must-have powder boards this season, and it should probably be on yours too. Supreme float and rally car-like handling have earned the Hovercraft a cult following, with riders swearing by the Hovercraft’s nimble maneuverability. The Spoon 4.0 beveled profile lets you butter your way around features with ease and still lock it down and straightline that 'shrund when you need to. If you think you need a longer board for stability, you'll be amazed at what this compact design can do when you cut back a few cms.

Key Features

Camber Type: Directional Rocker (We call it Hybrid Camber)

Directional Rocker for Jones is a board with mostly positive camber from tail to in front of your front foot with a big rockered nose for extra float.

Flex: 7/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Great stiffness for riding pow. Just enough to have maximum control in really light fluffy powder but also soft enough for when you hit any unwanted crud.

Shape: Directional

Ride it forwards and get down the mountain with ease! If you need to ride it switch too it can but plan to spend most of your day going in a single direction.

Core: Classic Core

Full Wood core that comes from the very original Jones lineup. Full of pop with an even flex.

Edges: Magne-Traction

7 points of contact for unmatched egdeholdno matter what the snow condition is. When Jeremy Jones started his company his one requirement was to have boards that used Magne-Traction. Thankfully Lib-Tech allowed him to and he has been making killer boards ever since.

Base: Sintered 7000

Fastest base material available that easily absorbs wax for when you need to go even faster.

Extra Features:

Spoon 4.0 - The most advanced 3D base contour pattern from Jones, featuring 7mm of bevel in the nose and 4mm in the tail.

Speed Channel Tail - A 2mm channel contour in the tail between the edges pushes loose snow out from under the board, reducing drag and increasing speed.

Eco-Friendly - The entire 2018 Jones range contains the most sustainable raw materials they have ever used, featuring eco-plastic topsheets made from castor beans (aside from wood veneer and carbon models), water-based inks in their bases, natural wax, and recycled ABS and steel wherever possible.


Board Lengths: 152cm, 156cm, 160cm

Stance Set back: 29mm

Waist Width:

(152cm) 266mm

(156cm) 260mm

(160cm) 264mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(152cm) 49-73kg

(156cm) 59-82kg

(160cm) 73-95kg

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