The Gnu Smart Pickle has evolved the idea of asymmetrical snowboards once again. The Park Pickle was the original board that started the Asymmetrical rage and now nearly every company makes one. The newest version uses three separate pieces of tech to make this the easiest riding snowboard that has no negatives. First, Gnu makes a wood core that is softer on the heelside, making it easier to dig in. Second, they make the sidecut on the heelside deeper than the toeside and third they have a more aggressive version of Magne-Traction on the heels compared to the toes. The end result is the smartest board ever set on snow. Its hardly noticeable except for the fact that your riding instantly becomes effortless and whatever your mind wants your board to do, it does. This is amazing tech that works for all types of riders, beginners or advanced, freeriders or street jibbers. Everyone can appreciate a Smart Pickle.



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Key Features

This wide version is great for riders with US shoe size 12 and bigger.

Camber Type: PBTX - We call it Asymmetrical Reverse Camber

The P stands for pickle and the B stands for banana. A delicious combination only made possible by the weirdos at Gnu. A snowboard that is playful in the park, rips through the powder and holds a great edge.

Flex: Medium - 5.5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A perfect all round flexing board for a great all mountain freestyle ride. 

Shape: Asymmetrical Twin

We are built differently from front to back so it makes sense that our snowboard is too. With a deeper side cut in the heel side edge to help keep your speed under control and your edge working efficiently.

Core: Pickle Barrel Blend

Great lakes Aspen and Colombian gold with its strong and poppy qualities and Polonia in the heel side edge for a softer flex.

Edges: Smart Magne-Traction

A mellow serration on the toe side and a more pronounced one on the heel side edge for better bite. Your ankles don't have toes so they need a bit more help.

Base: Sintered

Hard, fast and full of wax. Sintered bases hold onto wax longer and get you over those flat spots when you need more slide in your stick.




Board Lengths: 153cm Wide, 156cmWide, 159cmWide

Stance Set back: 0mm (centred)

Waist Width:

(153cm) 265mm

(156cm) 265mm

(159cm) 265mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(153cm) 43-86kg

(156cm) 54-100kg

(159cm) 68-122kg

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