Gnu Riders Choice Wide 2017

Size Chart
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The Gnu Riders Choice uses Asymmetrical technology for an easier ride that you barely even notice. From beginners to pros, everyone will become a better rider when they jump on the Rider's Choice thanks to the Asym Core, Asym Shape and Asym Flex. The Wide version is ideal for riders with US shoe size 12 and bigger. 

Key Features

Camber Type: C2 BTX- We call it Moustache Camber

A camber for all places and conditions. A board quiver killer you might call it. Reverse camber between the bindings for all thing park and powder. Radial camber under the feet for aggressive carving and board response. 

Flex: Medium- Stiff 5-7/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A medium flexing board for all mountain riding. Go longer for a stiffer ride or shorter for a softer feel. 

Shape: Asymmetrical Twin

There is no tip and tail with this one. Stand on the board with the designated heel edge behind you. If you're regular go left, if you're goofy go right. A slightly shorter effective heel edge, for quicker and more efficient heel side turning.

Core: Asym Core

A combination of renewable, strong and lightweight woods with a softer heelside edge for a more effective flex. 


You wouldn't cut your steak with a butter knife now would you? Carve up a snowboarding feast with the 7 serrations of Magne-Traction technology.

Base: Sintered

More slide for you favourite stick. Sintered bases are hard and fast plus they hold wax extremely well. Look after them and they will look after you.



Board Lengths: 158cm Wide, 162cm Wide

Stance Set back: 0mm (centred) 

Waist Width:

(158cm) 268mm

(162cm) 268mm 

Recommended Rider Weight:

(158cm) 59-100kg

(162cm) 64-115kg


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