Gnu Carbon Credit 2017

Size Chart
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The Gnu Carbon Credit is BTX reverse camber fun in a award winning all-terrain performance package. This is one of the best value for money boards we have in the shop. It has all the newest technology including reverse BTX banana camber plus the amazing benefits of Magne-Traction edges. Whether you are just starting out or have been riding for years you will be blown away by how easy and fun this board makes snowboarding. 

Key Features

Camber Type: BTX (We call it Reverse Camber) The fun and forgiving joys of reverse camber turning flat out to the tip and tail. Gives great float in powder also. 

Flex: 4/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff) Like on many Gnu boards the bigger you go the stiffer the flex which is great as bigger, heavier guys need a stiffer board to handle all their man meat.

Shape: Twin - Perfect symmetry for the perfect ride both in regular or switch. 

Core: Great Lakes Aspen with a touch of Colombian Gold. Ultra High Molecule side walls defend your board from rail destruction. 

Edges: Magne-Traction - It's a weird science but everyone loves it! More contact points along your board means better edging and control.

Base: CoExtruded - Mervins secret recipe base that brings together the benefits of Extruded and Sintered bases.


Board Lengths: 139cm, 143cm, 147cm, 150cm, 153cm, 156cm, 159cm, 162cm

Stance Set back: 0mm (centred)

Waist Width:

(139cm) 234mm 
(143cm) 240mm 
(147cm) 242mm 
(150cm) 245mm 
(153cm) 247mm 
(156cm) 252mm 
(159cm) 255mm 
(162cm) 258mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(139cm) 20 - 55kg 
(143cm) 23-64kg 
(147cm) 36-69kg 
(150cm) 41-73kg 
(153cm) 45-82kg 
(156cm) 50-95kg 
(159cm) 54-105kg 
(162cm) 57-115kg
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