Gnu B-Nice Reflections 2017

Size Chart
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The B-Nice is Gnu's softer price-point snowboard that rides better than most companies' top of the line snowboard. It's easy turning banana BTX camber and softer tip and tails give a fun and forgiving ride for all types of riders. Combine this with Magne-Traction for easy grip on ice and better control at speed. It comes in two different graphics for 2017 and also in smaller kids sizes at a cheaper price.

Key Features

Camber Type: BTX (We call it Reverse Camber) There is nothing like a bit of banana between your legs. Reverse (banana) camber gives a fun playful ride with easy catch free turning.

Flex: 4/10 - Medium (1=soft, 10-stiff) Its nice when you need it but not too nice when you need to get a bit more serious.

 Shape: TwinAny direction is a good one with this all terrain freeride / freestyle shape.

Core:  Columbian Gold/Aspen - Great lakes Aspen with a touch of Colombian Gold. Two trees coming together to create a super light and poppy wood core, lucky trees. 

Edges: Magne-Traction - A Gnu board wouldn't be complete without the magic of Mange-Traction. More edge contact points in the snow mean better edge control and happy days. 

Base: CoExtruded - Treat em mean, it will still be keen. Extruded bases aren't as fast as there older stronger sibling the Sintered base, but they will still be happy if you forget to wax them.


Board Lengths: (kids) 131cm, 135cm (adults) 139cm, 142cm, 145cm, 148cm, 151cm

Stance set back: 0mm (centred)

Waist Width:

(131cm) 230mm
(135cm) 232mm 
(139cm) 226mm 
(142cm) 232mm 
(145cm) 234mm 
(148cm) 238mm 
(151cm) 240mm


Recommended Rider Weight:

(131cm) 15 - 35kg
(135cm) 15 - 45kg 
(139cm) 18-54kg 
(142cm) 32-64kg 
(145cm) 36-73kg 
(148cm) 41-82kg 
(151cm) 44-95kg
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