Flow NX2-GT Fusion 2020

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The Flow NX2-GT is the snowboard binding for riders who demand the pinnacle of performance, comfort, and convenience. Combining a lightweight baseplate with a high tech carbon inlay support panel highback, the NX2-GT provides top tier response without weighing your board down, all while still allowing you to get in and out faster than ever thanks to the Flow rear entry system. Experience ultimate board control, maximum edge to edge drive, and optimum cushioning with this top-of-the-line snowboard binding.

Key Features

Flex: Stiff - 10/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Board Compatibility: This binding comes with an aluminium 5mm offset multidisk which is compatible with 4 hole, 3 hole, and Burton M6 channel mounting systems.

Base Plate: NX2

Designed for minimal board contact while remaining as responsive as possible. The corners are all rockered to avoid board damage and give an optimal flex, immediate response, and direct edge control.

High Back: Glass-Filled Nylon ModBack w/ EVO-C9 SupportPanel

The ModBack is a Modular Highback with separate upper and lower zones for targeted areas of strength, comfort and flex exactly where you need it. The Aluminium Alloy heelcup offers stiffness and response, while the glass-filled Nylon ModBack offers a lively and fun feeling. The EVO-C9 Support Panel is the stiffest and most supportive panel from Flow, featuring a wide shape and an extended lateral curve to give you more drive into turns. This panel is made with glass-filled nylon and a carbon inlay for maximum rigidity with minimum weight.

Buckles: Aluminium LSR

Locking Slap Ratchet buckles are designed to ratchet down and lock down when finished. Forget loose buckles rattling as you ride down the hill. Adjust once and leave them alone, or use them like a traditional binding ratchet.

Straps: Fusion PowerStrap

The Fusion PowerStrap is a 3D shaped strap that fuses the ankle and toe strap together into one super comfy and supportive strap.

Active Strap Technology

Flows Active Strap Technology automatically raises the strap when you lower the highback, allowing even easier exit and entry. Once the highback is raised, the strap lowers and fits snugly and securely against your boot.

Additional Features:

2.5° Canted Bankbeds

These canted footbeds help align your legs into a more natural stance, reducing fatigue and increasing power.

N-Gel Heel Cushioning

N-Gel is placed under the heel to absorb impacts and increase comfort.