DC PBJ 2017

Size Chart
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The 2017 DC PBJ is a staple in the DC lineup, which is made to ride hard in the park just as well as it does all over the mountain.

The light weight of the PBJ mixed with the camber profile means that you get a poppy and fun ride, that will lock onto rails and boxes just as well as it holds an edge in hard carves.

The 3 degree base bevel means that you can ride it on rails straight out of the wrapper, but it will still hold a good edge when the snow is hardpacked and icy.

Key Features

Camber Type: Positive Camber

These boards curve up between the contact points so when you flex your board through a turn or in an ollie it stretches the wood as much as possible. This gives you stability on edge with more pop when the wood releases back to its original shape.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A mid-flexing board for the beginner to Intermediate rider or if you looking for a more forgiving, fun ride for park.

Shape: Twin

Whether you focusing on your regular or switch riding the Focus will get you landing any way you like as long as its on your feet.

Core: Stratus

The Stratus wood core with bi-ax fiberglass laminates give a soft buttery feel with progressive torsional control.

Base: TrueBase

Extruded True Base is an easy care material that is easily repairable and wont get too upset if you forget to wax it for a while.


Board Lengths: 149cm, 153cm, 157cm

Stance set back: 0mm (centred)

Waist Width:

(149cm) 248mm

(153cm) 250mm

(157cm) 251mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(149cm) 60-85kg

(153cm) 63-88kg

(157cm) 65-90kg

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