DC Ply Mini 2018

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The DC Ply Mini is designed for the next gen of little rippers, looking for a fun and stable platform to learn on. The symmetrical true twin shape and flat profile make turning easy and catch free, letting your mini me focus on the good times, and building a love for the sport. Also, this years graphics have everyone at the shop wishing it came in adult sizes. Heck Yeah!

Key Features

Camber Type: Flat

The absence of camber in this board makes for easy, catch free turning. Perfect for beginners and aspiring groms, taking the fall factor out of learning and in turn, builds confidence.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex- Get your switch on with a twin flexing board. With the flex in the tail being an exact reflection of the flex in the tip you will get so good you'll forget if you're a goofy or regular rider!

Shape: Twin

True twin snowboards are 100% symmetrical with an identical nose and tail. The flex pattern and sidecut is uniform throughout, and will feel the same whether you are riding switch or regular, so you can jib, jump and spin with ease!

Core: Stratus

The Stratus core uses certified Poplar wood for a smooth flexing, lightweight ride. Added strength is also added to the boards core with two central beech stringers, running from tip to tail.

Base: True Base

Extruded bases are fast on snow, super durable, and easy to maintain or fix.


Board Lengths: 115cm, 125cm, 135cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm (centred stance)

Waist Width:

(115cm) 221mm
(125cm) 225mm
(135cm) 230mm

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