Capita Horrorscope 2019

Size Chart
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The 2019 Capita Horrorscope is the #1 selling board in Capita history, and offers professional urban and freestyle performance at a minimum price. The Horrorscope has received a bunch of upgrades to make your freestyle game even better, with new environmentally friendly fiberglass and resin for increased strength and durability and a shorter blunted tip and tail for reduced swing weight, making those spins on and off rails seem like a walk in the park. With a history based in horror, this board embraces the fear and makes even the scariest of features seem tame, and with Transworld Good Wood and High Cascade awards to back it up, the Horrorscope is guaranteed to take your rail game to frightening new levels.

Key Features

Board Type: Freestyle / Urban / Park

Camber Type: Urban Profile

Flat insert to insert and rocker beyond, this camber is pre-positioned to make pressing and turning super easy.

Flex: Soft-Medium - 4/10 (1=soft, 10= Very stiff)

Jib, press and jump to your hearts content with a board that is flexible and forgiving.

Shape: True Twin

Built perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for the perfect switch ride.

Core: FSC Certified Select Core

Vertically laminated poplar wood is super light and has a long grain orientation. No finger points or irregularities allow uniform flex throughout the deck.

Base: HMC Extruded

Perfect for urban jibbing and the park, extruded bases are low maintenance and easy to repair. It will still love you if you forget to wax it regularly.

Extra Features:

Special Blend Fibreglass & Magic Bean Resin - Custom weighted Biaxial top and bottom fiberglass increases strength and durability, which is impregnated with high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based resin.


Board Lengths: 145cm, 147cm, 149cm, 151cm, 153cm, 155cm, 157cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm (centred)

Waist Width:

(145cm) 246mm

(147cm) 248mm

(149cm) 250mm

(151cm) 252mm

(153cm) 254mm

(155cm) 256mm

(157cm) 258mm

RecommendedRider Weight:

(145cm) 40-70kg

(147cm) 45-75kg

(149cm) 50-80kg

(151cm) 52-83kg

(153cm) 55-85kg

(155cm) 58-88kg

(157cm) 60-95kg

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