Burton Family Tree Working Stiff 2018

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The Burton Family Tree Working Stiff mixes it up from standard powder boards, with a thick and stiff nose that is made to let you charge through snow like it is nothing, while the shorter and softer tail gives you the feel and agility you would expect from a swallowtail board.

Key Features

Camber Type - Directional Camber

Positive camber built into the slightly setback directional shape of the board. Rather than having the peak of the camber in the dead centre it is back a bit, in between the feet.

Flex - Medium Stiff

Directional Flex - Constructed so that you have more control in one direction but can still comfortable ride switch when needed.

Shape - Directional

With a slightly longer nose than tail you will be sure this board can pop off a decent ollie while still having the nose to float above any powder that comes your way. 15mm of taper help the nose to float while sinking the tail.

Core -

Superfly II 700G- Strong and feather light, this core uses the right wood in the right places to give you the strength where it's needed without compromising on weight.

Dualzone EGD - Two unbroken wood zones under the heel and toe edges to give you that extra hold and strength where you need it.

Base - Sintered

Recycled Sintered WFO - These bases are super strong and super fast, they hold wax like a dream and can be your hero on those days you hit a few rocks.

Additional Features

Infinite Ride - Burton overbuild some of their boards and then a machine breaks it in for you! This makes the board ride the same from day 1 till day 100.

Supersap Epoxy - Taking board construction to new levels of sustainability with environmentally friendly materials.


Boards Lengths: 154cm

Tapered: 20mm

Set Back: 50mm

Waist Width:

(154cm) 256mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(154cm) 54-82kg

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